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"I wouldn’t spend £45 on Until Dawn. And that’s a major issue for this PS4 exclusive. It feels too short, lacks replayability and any alternative modes for such a premium fee. If this was priced like a Telltale game’s season pass, it would be perfect and totally justified; something I’d wholeheartedly recommend." - Sam Loveridge (Reviewer)

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DarkOcelet1204d ago

A game with a 1000 different ending lacks replayability? WTF!?

TheGreatGamer1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

All the hundreds of endings will just be slight variations of like 5 endings with certain characters being alive or not. I imagine it'll be like Mass Effect 3 :/

Mikefizzled1204d ago

Its true. Its what Mass Effect 3 got hounded for. It, technically, probably had 50 odd endings but they were just variations of 3 core endings(4 including extra).

Aloy-Boyfriend1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Still warrants replay to see who you can keep alive until the end and see different endings or variations. It's like many people have a different meaning of Replay Value

curtis921204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

It's true. it'd be like Turn 10 saying there are 5 million cars in F6, counting different colors.

triple_c1204d ago Show
Lamboomington1204d ago


That was the least of ME3's problems.

The other, bigger problems with the end included:
1.the fact that it threw away the entire fiction of the entire series in 10 minutes and replaced it with something that was never relevant in any of the games, and cliche.
2. It made no sense.
3. It made no freaking sense.
4. The last 10 minutes were probably made by a different dev team altogether. I don't know lol.
5. Plot holes, but I suppose that's a given when it doesn't make any sense in the first place.

I'm not joking when I say if ME3 just had only 1 ending that didn't completely shit on the entire series, I would be so happy.

fei-hung1204d ago

How can they be slight variations when an entire characters arc can be completely cut off when he/ she dies compared to when keeping them alive?!

The collectibles alone give it replayability, especially since they help unravel more of the plot and history.

Trusted reviews, what an ironic name.

LordMaim1204d ago

Obviously you haven't played the game or you wouldn't think that.

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TheGreatGamer1204d ago ShowReplies(1)
Eiyuuou1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Not so sure if "trustedreviews" lives up to its name...

Neixus1204d ago

>literally lowest score of all the websites.

Father__Merrin1204d ago

This website that has issued this review are turd eaters literally...

Letthewookiewin1204d ago

Haha I couldn't have said it better.

Chaosdreams1204d ago

You can always tell the honest reviews from the ones that are just trying to find a reason to complain. Always judge a game for yourself, and "trust" in those with a reasonable score, that's been consistent through their earlier reviews.

Some of these reviews are good, some are just stupid.

So stupid.

I dislike stupid.

Lamboomington1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Sorry, but maybe there's just the distinct possibility that they didn't like it. You realize that is a logical possibility ? No ?

I'd probably really like Until Dawn. I really like what I've seen of the game. That's besides the point though.

The fact is, all of you say the same thing about reviewers regardless of which game it is, regardless of how many review scores are low, regardless of the reasons cited in the reviews. As long as the game is popular or hyped or whatever.

"You can always tell the honest reviews from the ones that are just trying to find a reason to complain. Always judge a game for yourself, and "trust" in those with a reasonable score, that's been consistent through their earlier reviews. "

Yes, the same things that have been said against just about every site that's posted negative reviews on any popular game in the last couple of years.
Sorry, but their review is most likely their honest opinion. Any sensible person would accept that. Disagree with their opinion, say that they don't have good taste, as evidenced by most other reviews. Whatever. Just don't say the same old, hypocritical "they're just trying to get attention. Not an honest review" stuff.

I saw that on reviews for Arkham Knight, The Witcher 3. It was the same thing said for most reviews of The Order 1886. It's quite hypocritical, self evidently. Basically every popular game that gets reviews below 8/10. Exclusive or multiplat.

Chaosdreams1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Yes, I realize people can dislike a game (as that is as natural as liking a game.)

The problem isn't how popular a game is, it's generally how much emphasis and weight is put on certain aspects of a game. All reviewers are different, and all reviews are different. Someone's 8/10 is another person 6/10 for the same level of enjoyment.

I know that.

What I was pointing out (and it was to all reviews coming out right now towards the game) is how there's a difference between reasonable and stupid.

"Too short, lacks replay value."

I find that notion, stupid. How am I hypocritical for stating my opinion? The game is meant to be played multiple times to achieve different results (lives on the line and all that jazz.) So the game being 9 hours is like 3 to 4 movies combined. We watch movies (bing) in such a way, and this game being around that length makes sense.

There was nothing hypocritical in what I said. Hypocrisy exists if I were to state his review was completely invalid. I didn't, I stated it was stupid.

I hinted at its illegitimacy, but hinting is different from stating. Since opinions do not rule one another out.

My initial post is self explanatory.

I look at the general consensus of reviews, and when I see an utter lowball, I raise an eyebrow. Same can be said for games that get low scores but a 10/10 comes out of nowhere.

You cannot claim clickbait articles do not exist. They do, open up your eyes. They state an opinion but the opinions weight is skewed. Seeking attention and therefore tarnishing a games stature. If the game were broken, or had the worst story, or was full of micro transactions, or other equal weight reasons, then the score goes down.

You can tell by the quality of writing and how much emphasis is in their point of views. I never stated that "this" review was a clickbait one, but I felt it appropriate to point out that there will be some.

Like, how does one game lose marks for being expensive? All games are coming out at the same market value, and I don't generally see someone list that as a reason to give a game 5/10. So this being an example, is why I hinted.

ChuckTheIceMan1204d ago

"Always judge a game for yourself". Are you crazy? Do you know how much money you would waste doing this? I would say always wait until someone else is streaming on twitch then judge the game.

Chaosdreams1204d ago


Judging a game for yourself can imply watching streaming videos, watching a friend play, borrowing a game, it doesn't mean just outright buying the game...

come on...

Imortus_san1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Some people just dont replay games, I personally have and will never replay a game Like Mario, Zelda, Uncharted, God of War, Fable, Final Fantasy, and tons of other games, so I understand his point of view, once it's done it's done move on to the next game.

Chaosdreams1204d ago

The reason for replaying is because the endings and the events that occur leading up to it are different. So it's not the same exact play through like the games you mentioned (as in story, not how one levels up and so on.)

That being said, you are right, personal preference does dictate what you do with the game so in your case, Until Dawn wouldn't hold the same value if it's just a single play through.

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