Until Dawn: The Kotaku Review


My wife and I fell for one another while drinking crappy beer and watching horror movies of questionable quality. This last week has been a repeat of that experience, but rather than watching a movie, we’ve been cackling our way through a video game.

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SmielmaN1151d ago

Wow, so many good reviews from quality sites. I can't wait for this to arrive in the mail this week. Should be fun for Halloween time also! So many ways the game could go too. Looks fun!

rdgneoz31151d ago

From the reviews so far, if you enjoy campy 80s / 90s horror movies, then you'll enjoy it. The video from last week of IGN people playing it and their reactions sums it up.

One was doing the Jason sound effect part of the time ( ), another was reading a book in the game like it was a fairy tale and telling the girl to shut up when she was talking over the story, and most were jumping at the scares, while laughing at how absurd some of the stuff was.

chrisx1151d ago

Another great game to add to the Ps4's impressive library. Lots of varieties

Sevir1151d ago

Kotaku really surprised me. Sleeper Hit 2015 confirmed!

I really can't wait. 10 hour play through.

SmielmaN1151d ago

10 hrs is fine by me for a game like this. The multiple endings and whatnot should give someone 2-4 playthroughs. So, for every 9-10 hr game slight can be equalled argued with 30-40 hrs of replay value. Bottom line is that so far popular opinion from top sites is that the game is fun and that's really what matters. The genre is niche, but it's a genre I'm very excited about.