Until Dawn Review | Metro GameCentral

"One of the more successful interactive movies of recent years, but that’s really not saying much given the lack of gameplay and horror thrills."

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DragonKing811204d ago ShowReplies(1)
SolidDuck1204d ago

Well I think its the genre. If u like the heavy rain, telltale type games. This sounds like a great one. If u don't. Based on the fact he calls it the best interactive movie, but that's not saying much. Leads me to believe the author doesn't like this genre to begin with.

Milkshake1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Metro hated Beyond Two Souls & Heavy Rain! So, a 6.5 from them is good, I guess!
Cant' wait to see their Blops 3 review! OMG! Gunz Gunz!
By the way, is this joke of a newspaper still relevant in the UK?

blackblades1204d ago

Metro thumbs down, let me tell you I only read the 1st paragraph and I exited. Websites these days just losing viewers.

mixelon1204d ago

A divisive genre, it's nice to see it getting considered responses. I'm pretty sure I'll love it, tbh - but it's easy to see why someone might think it sucks too, haha. This is just a game of the movies I like, so I'm all in.