Edge: Why Sierra Must Die

Edge writes: "It seems likely that Activision Blizzard will drop its newly-acquired Sierra label as the company's branding strategy takes shape. Here's our take: deep-six the Sierra brand post-haste. With the Activision/Vivendi Games merger complete, the time is perfect to finally lay the once-revered moniker to rest, and let it be remembered fondly for its glory days as the developer of revolutionary adventure games.

Al Lowe, the mastermind behind Sierra's lauded Leisure Suit Larry franchise, agrees that "Sierra" should be laid upon the funeral pyre. The impassioned Lowe told Edge, "For years, Sierra has been nothing more than a logo slapped on whatever box [Vivendi Games] thought it would help sell better. It was 'Sierra' in name only. They allowed the brand to wither into meaninglessness.'"

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