Rock Band 4 Standalone Game Software Pre-Orders Announced, Along With New Tracks

Harmonix Music Systems and Mad Catz Interactive today announced that pre-orders for Rock Band 4 standalone game software are now available at select retailers worldwide. Starting today, gamers can pre-order the game-only Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of Rock Band 4.

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GrapesOfRaf1177d ago

Even though I haven't seen any in years, I'm sure a lot of people still have full sets of equipment tucked away in basements and storage rooms.

dumahim1177d ago

I still have my GH1 and 2 guitars, but the tilt doesn't work well, so I'm getting the game/guitar bundle.

TheZeroReview1177d ago

Now just to choose between Rockband and Guitar Hero...

TheDude791177d ago

I'm going with Rockband, but will consider GH shortly after launch

Digital_Anomaly1177d ago

Both for me. I'm a total sucker!

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dumahim1177d ago

Good songs this time around, except Cake is one of my most hated bands of all time.

I hope there's more Soundgarden stuff, like off the new album. I didn't like it much at first, but recently it has grown on me.

iistuii1176d ago

Got an Ion drum kit & tons of online friends but neither is supported, very disappointed. Maybe if I get to use my ions & they add online coop I will then consider buying, only saving grace is the 100's of DLC songs will be compatible.