Console MMOs: can they steal this PC genre?

PC gamers have always had a bit of an 'us and them' attitude when it comes to their console-owning brethren. Sure, some people are lucky enough to own every platform under the sun and enjoy games no matter what they're played on, but PC gamers – by and large – like to think that their gaming weapon of choice is just a little bit more sophisticated than all those 'dumbed-down' consoles.

For years the PC gaming scene has been able to confidently hold onto a few staple gaming genres, namely FPS, RTS, RPGs and MMOs. But as we all know technology trends change like the wind and we now live in an age where developers are seeing big bucks in the console camp, and are thus pushing as hard as they can to get a slice of that sweet casual gaming market...

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ice_prophecy4324d ago

Why dont they just bring WoW to consoles? I dont see what is holding them back. I an sure people will embrace it.

M337ING4323d ago

IT would play like crap on a controller?


They can have Keyboard and mouse support for it all console have USB port.

Harry1904323d ago

well happen. It will be a different experience though.

Vicophine4323d ago

It would have to be done extremely well, for those who complain about the controller, you obviously don't use the controller much to know how intuitive you can get with it.

I'm looking at you NCsoft.