Why Modern Shooters Have Lost Their Sense Of Danger

Niall De'Ath writes: "Unless you’ve been living under a particularly large rock over the last console generation, you’ll know that the shooter genre has become the single most popular form of game on the market. You’ve got your Call of Duty’s, your Battlefields, your Gears of War and a veritable ocean of zappers, blasters and … exploderers? As a fan of behind-the-barrel thrill rides, this is both a blessing and a curse. The real issue is that shooters generally just aren’t that exciting anymore. One of the key reasons behind this is that getting shot doesn’t really seem to matter much."

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annoyedgamer1150d ago

I remember when COD2 was out dying meant getting sent way back to the last checkpoint. I remember when Gears of War 1 was out and just getting hit by a quick burst would put you on the ground.

Angeljuice1149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

Yeah, gaming has got softer over the years.

I personally think it's a psychological trick as players who complete a game are more likely to buy a sequel.

spicelicka1149d ago

It's all the linear cinematic movie-like games, they just want you to run through them so you can see all the big budget set pieces they've put in them.

I've noticed less linear games are always more difficult by nature.

lipton1011149d ago

At the moment, I'm actually gravitating towards games like DayZ. I've never experienced such a fear of death as I have with this game. Play for 30 hours on one character, touring the map. If you're playing the right way, you'll look at an open field as if it's filled with landlines, taking 45 minutes to crawl through it after locating a bordering hedgerow. One day you get careless and walk into the middle of a road to check a road sign and BOOM, you're dead from a single shot by a sniper.

On top of that, the thrill of the kill is greatly magnified as well with such high stakes. The first time I saw another player after truly gearing up my character made my shirt bounce off my chest from my beating heart... And there were no conversations, no announcements of "friendly!" I saw him while prone and put a bullet in his head. Cry me a river - better him than me and I don't F around or trust anyone I don't already know. Then, 2 hours later I stood in the middle of a road reading a sign to orient myself on the map and... Well, you know the rest, lol.

SantasJollyBoots1149d ago

We should go back to the old days where, if you die, you get a larger consequence. Checkpoints seem to be around every corner these days. If I die, I don't wanna re-spawn right where I died, like some god! I want a penalty that gives me a thrill to be in combat!

ShaunCameron1149d ago

That's just a natural side-effect of larger 3D environments. Games are only getting bigger, and to many people, starting over is neither feasible nor desirable.

TheLoCoRaven1149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

Its because being able to regen your health from 1% back to 100% by taking a breather is stupid. I think the first Resistance did it best. Your health was in 4 segments and you only could regen your current segment, then you had to get a pickup to get segments back that are completely gone.

Edit: Also some enemies took away a whole segment in one hit. So those pickups are important. Damn those spike mine things!!!

solar1149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

ive been bitching about how health regen has ruined FPS's for years. gaming has turned into hand holding and online experiences, console owners arguing over companies that dont give two shits about them, and a very very stale AAA market. mainstream gaming sucks.

TheLoCoRaven1149d ago

I watched Mad Max gameplay and the thing I was most excited about was the lack of health regen. You have a health bar and can drink water to get your health back, but its not constantly refilling on its own.

MysticStrummer1149d ago

"Its because being able to regen your health from 1% back to 100% by taking a breather is stupid."

Exactly what I was going to say. One of the reasons I'm enjoying Zombi so much is the lack of health regen. I don't know when that trend started but it needs to go away or at least more games need the option to turn it off.

lipton1011149d ago

That's why I play DayZ. The longer you play on one character, the more you fear death. If you can dig something as hardcore as a permadeath survival game, that's the one to get, bar none. And all it takes is one bullet from a single careless decision... Just like in real life (hostile) situations.

TheLoCoRaven1149d ago

I watched the Mad Max gameplay and the thing I was most excited about was the lack of health regen. You have a health bar and can drink water to get your health back, but its not constantly refilling on its own.

SouljAx3601149d ago

Most modern shooters dropped health bars. I believe every game hero in shooters is either super human or alien. Because if I got shot twice and ducked around a corner, I would probably bleed out and die if I didn't get patched up ASAP. Instead they regenerate damaged tissue.

curtis921149d ago

two words: Regenerative Health. Boom.

Youngindy211149d ago

I'm glad shooters got rid of health bars. There is a reason Call of Duty overtook Medal of Honor in popularity and that's because having a health bar in shooters sucks. It's not fun and it adds nothing to the game, it is just annoying. I personally felt like Wolfenstein: The New Order found the perfect balance in that you had both regenerative health and a health gauge. There is also a pretty good sense of danger in that game.

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