Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain: New PS4 Gameplay Footage Shows Intense Infiltration

Open world exploration and infiltration showcased.

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solid_snake36561155d ago

Oh man I can't wait anymore.

just_looken1154d ago

I cant stand watching this the player sucks ass.

Never checked the level of the men just used fulton

Has auto aim on ugh

Started with little ammo so no r&d also has level 1 gear.

The cameo choice and sniper as backup weapon?

What a crappy mgs player.

lazyboyblue1154d ago

Seems pretty early in the game. Cut the poor guy some slack Mr Grumpy?

just_looken1154d ago

Its mgs i am talking about basics here peace walker had the system that game is 2 years old.

ravinash1155d ago

Love extracting the sheep. Baaaa....a.....a.......a......

madworld1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

it's amazing guys,this game had almost 5 years in development which is a very long time but the result it is a gorgeous game.

Psychotica1154d ago

The A.I is blind as a bat..