IGN: Soulcalibur's Top Bonus Characters

So, having fun with Soulcalibur IV yet? If not, you need to head down to the store and pick up a copy. Fighting game fans have a lot to cheer about with this major release, as Namco has delivered the best entry in the franchise since the original Soulcalibur.

To honor this release, IGN brought you their list of the Top Ten Soulcalibur Fighters yesterday. In the article, they promised that a second list featuring the series' numerous bonus characters would follow soon after. And here it is.

Today, IGN give you the "Top Eight SC Bonus Characters". Why eight, you ask? Well, five was too few, and ten might have forced IGN to include some loser like Heihachi. They couldn't take that risk.

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LoVeRSaMa4324d ago

My Personal Opinion is that Vader is better then Yoda.

I belive that on the whole, people prefer Vader to Yoda, and that this Artical does not reflect the opinions of many, but of the Auther only.

Crazy Larry4323d ago

Don't tear me apart...I bought the PS3 version even though I have both consoles. I can't speak for how Yoda plays, but Vader is not that great of a character. Sure he's cool and all, but Vader is not the end all be all for this game. HARDLY worth bragging over.

jlytle12344324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

why do people put down heihachi? he fit in perfectly with the series and his hand to hand style was a nice contrast to everyone else.
necrid was a good idea, but looked stupid. yoda's height probably makes it hard to fight against. Medievel Spawn would have been a better spawn to put in the game, but mcfarlane doesnt own the rights to him. Vader and the Apprentice are pretty sweet. Makes me want a new Star Wars fighting game since teras kasi was a disaster. im rather dissappointed that some of the characters in sc4 are just palette swaps. Like the duel katana chick just uses cervantes moves. Naturally link gets a free pass to #1 whether he deserves it or not.

Peow4324d ago

This [email protected] game made me break my controller. All the people ever do is block block block. There are hardly any guard breaker moves that I can think of. I still kick ass at the game but when I was playing against the Apprentice for the 3rd time as Darth Vader, I got him down to a thin slice of heatlh. He magically got a massive combo on me and killed me. I threw my controller down on the floor and It's made of concrete..... RAWR!

GametimeUK4324d ago

bubbles for the broken controller... R.I.P
cant wait to get SC4 2moz

On topic lets face it Link is not only the most imba guest but in my honest opinion he is the best character on SC period... I just loved his attack style... combining juggling the bow and bombs was a nice way for me to pwn my friends... and lets not forget that his grab was a nice cheap way to win a fight via RO

Peow4324d ago

Here's some bubbles back.

TBH, I never played SC on the GC. I wanted to but never got around to it.

Y'kno, it's funny. I love fighters, but every time I play them I get really angry. Each and every SC I've played made me break my controller. Every time its because someone has a slice of health left and they take out my almost full health in one combo.

SC1 it was um... Seong's brother. Forgot his name, I think thats the guy. SC2 it was Lizardman. SC3 it was still lizardman(SC3 is my favorite SC thus far). SC4 it's The Apprentice.

Amy and Ivy kick ass though.

kewlkat0074324d ago

I actually at one point owned the Gamecube SC2, PS2, and the Original Xbox because of the characters.

MadMax4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

Has anyone played Soul Calibur for the Dreamcast? That was the best fighting game of all time, i threw it in last night and switched back and forth from the new Soul Calibur to Dreamcast version. The basic main moves i noticed were the same and even felt the same which is great that they didnt tamper with the formula . The graphics were quite a big leap though, wow. The graphics though on the Dreamcast version were groudbreaking at the time, i will say for being 10 years old it still really looks good. I never did get a chance to play the versions that came out after that on the multiple systems. I seemed to have missed the boat on those for some reason. The new online and customization features are excellent, great add on and even my gf spent a good couple hours creating her own chick fighter, so nice touch for that one and all the detail that you can put into that character is just fantastic. The first game appeared on the PS1 and was called Soul Blade, it was the best fighter even back then for its time and i remember playing that game against friends for countless hours and nights, just a blast along with the Dreamcast version. I recommend checking those 2 out if you havent already. I have to say, this new version is probably the best one to date, fantastic job Namco and thanks for the great memories of such a great fighting game franchise. Its definately in my opinion one of the best fighters around!