What We Want From Mass Effect: Andromeda

Kelly from GamersFTW says:

Ever since BioWare’s highly anticipated fourth instalment of the Mass Effect series – Mass Effect: Andromeda -was revealed at this year’s E3 in June, I did what any fan girl/boy would do. I ‘squeed’ with happiness, jumped around the room for a bit and wrote about my excitement all over social media. But then, to my surprise, I also developed a feeling of uncertainty.

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Shillmeister1153d ago

Just much more mystery and a sense of true sci-fi adventure, possibly more akin to No Mans Sky, finding new and unique environments, creatures, characters, and missions etc. Also would be nice if they actually meet their 'in-engine' trailer footage, but I won't hold out for that as a 'must have' criteria!

Defo one of many games on my personal 'to watch' list!

MrsNesbitt1153d ago

So tense! I hate waiting for plot lines

Yukes1153d ago

Good read. Definitely agree that it was wise to move away to a different galaxy, hopefully retaining enough of what makes ME great but distancing itself from the farcical ending!

c00lvilKid691153d ago

It looks good. I’m just glad they’re moving the franchise forward - It could have been easy for them to rest on their laurels.

chrisx1153d ago

Make it more like Mass effect 1 and expand on everything

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The story is too old to be commented.