Super Mario Maker Wii U bundle confirmed exclusive to Walmart

Nintendo of America has announced that a Super Mario Maker Wii U bundle will be released exclusively at Walmart stores.

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MSBAUSTX1242d ago

Wow. Way to go Walmart. I bet they actually see some decent sales numbers from this. I am surprised it wasnt Best Buy since they seem to get all the stream and promotion stuff durring E3 and tournaments.

AKR1242d ago

I guess they're trying to equalize their relationships with retailers so it doesn't look like favoritism. Makes sense.

rjason121242d ago

They shouldn't do shit with best buy, every best buy I've been in, they've had a small Nintendo section, no promotion what so ever, and they don't even get in their new retail games. If that's not bad enough, they don't even order enough copies of Nintendo games, and the section is always messy, looks like everything was just thrown up.

LAWSON721242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

Hopefully supply is good if so I will probably get one

MoveTheGlow1242d ago

Cool. They've been pretty great with site-to-store lately, too. It's how I got my New 3DS back when they were in short supply.

wonderfulmonkeyman1242d ago

Walley World scored a good business deal.XD

greenmeanie1242d ago

It isn't the classic colors though :(