Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Review - A Rebuilt, Lean Mean Locust Killin' Machine | COG

COG Writes: The original Gears of War is back, but it's not just an HD port, but a full tear down and rebuild for the Xbox One. With changes to the visuals, sound, and gameplay, this game is back in BIG way and both fans of the series, and newbies alike, should take the time to check it out.

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GrapesOfRaf1178d ago

With how the master chief collection went, it's surprising this doesn't have more bugs or mistakes.

Foehammer1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

The difference is the Gears collection is backwards compatible.

Gears games also don't have cross-play between iterations

Gears doesn't combine all the games into 1 inter-playable experience.

Gears was never released on the original Xbox

That's where The Master Chief Collection is different.

It went where no game has gone before:

-combining multiplayer from OX, and 360 onto a 3rd console, X1

FlexLuger1178d ago

+1 about MCC. And while it still does not get me in a game as fast as I would like. Its better than at luanch and better even than it was when it was improved earlier on this year.

And above all, its still that MP perfection, that is halo. Once im in a match, all doubts fizzle away. Much like when I get online on gears :)

Fro_xoxo1178d ago

Yeah MCC was really ambitious.

Barely executed, executed nonetheless :)

I'm still hooked on the multi-player. .

till Halo 5.

jb2271178d ago

The majority of reviews I've read haven't actually been able to play the mp yet due to the low player count. Strange that a couple of these reviewers are somehow commenting on mp when the majority have admitted to not even being able to touch a single match. Maybe a couple just got lucky. I honestly think reviews should hold off until they have a chance to actually play such a big component.

MercilessDMercer1178d ago

I was hoping I could hate on this one, but it sounds like it turned out well

MRBIGCAT1178d ago

I have yet to finish them all. I think I found my reason to jump back in.

H1t_Monster1178d ago

This isn't just hd upgrade like mcc,this game is rebuild from the ground up for the X1,reason for not having major problems like mcc.

CuHnadian1178d ago

It's a shame that this Edition didn't carry over the improvements made in Gears of War 3 into Gears 1, despite being more than just an HD upgrade of the original game's code.