Toy Soldiers: War Chest Review - Solid Fun, Shamefully Dishonest Ad Campaign | COG

COG Writes: We relive our youth with Ubisoft's latest game, Toy Soldiers: War Chest. An RTS/Tower Defense game that is great fun, although there are a few hidden strings for one to fully reminisce about the days of being a kid.

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MRBIGCAT1154d ago

Wait we have to pay for He-Man and GI Joe? WTF. No kidding false advertising!

GrapesOfRaf1154d ago

Ya that's pretty much the only reason I was interested in the first place.

rdgneoz31154d ago

Yah, they give you 4 generic heroes / armies, and if you want the iconic ones (He-man, GI Joe, Cobra [and Enzio for some reason...])you have to pay extra...

USMC_POLICE1154d ago

It's not that bad and totally worth it. I spent $30 for a physical copy and got everything

MercilessDMercer1154d ago

It was actually the selling point for me too. Wasn't pleased when I realized that

Digital_Anomaly1154d ago

It sure seemed like they were included in the base game from what I saw advertised.

Paulhammer1154d ago

Deceptive marketing. Do not like.