ZTGD | Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Review

Justin Celani writes: Gears of War defined the Xbox 360 for a lot of players. Focusing on Marcus Fenix and his rage tag Delta Squad crew, set in this unique and gritty post apocalypse world. There is no doubt while years after and 3 sequels later, we have a remaster of the one that started it all. It was filled with fantastic third person gameplay and world filled with dread. We now have a completely remade version by the new GEARS teams The Coalition and folks are wondering if it’s worth pulling the chainsaw lancer back out from the closet. Two words, hell yes!

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spicelicka1152d ago

Yesss! playing this with surround sound tmrw!

ninsigma1152d ago

Oh very nice! Wish I had surround sound. One day!

Can't play this till the end of the week! :(

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FlexLuger1152d ago

This game is like Kobe today. Big numbers all round! I wasnt all that excited before. I liked the beta but halo was always more of my thing. But I still loved gears. And boy does it feel good at 60FPS.

even better when I consider the fact that I am already buried in games on XB1, and Ill be playing gears on top of my current faves. And then forza 6 is a thing next month. and then halo 5...and then TR...somebody hold me! lol