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The fellows at GamerKnights have done a full review of the new "Gauntlet: Slayer Edition" for PlayStation 4.


"It’s a mix that the original Gauntlet nailed way back in 1985, a mix that proved deadly to many a friendship and a marriage or two, I’m sure. Arrowhead are no strangers to this evil concoction of playing both friend and foe, in fact their whole design ethos seems to have been ripped straight from Atari’s old arcade cabinet. They developed Magicka – the ultimate kill-your-friends simulator where you could ‘accidentally’ vaporize your buds with any number of spells, and Helldivers, – a similar experiment in friendly fire that saw you dropping spaceships on your loved ones and running them over with a mech suit when you weren’t waging an intergalactic war together."

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