Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain’s Bitter F.O.B Microtransactions Aftertaste

Clipping Error discuss the news that Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain will have a paywall blocking part of it's single-player mode, F.O.B Mode, which makes use of added bases in the game which can be invaded, protected, and allow players to invade others. This paywall represents a greedy hand cutting off a section of gameplay, and there's been no effort made to hide the fact that it was done.

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rebeljoe141241d ago

To clarify there is NO PAYWALL, you can earn the FOB coins in game

nX1241d ago

Ok but why do these coins even exist? There's got to be some mechanic that Konami wanted to exploit with them and I don't think this kind of stuff should exist within full priced games.

raWfodog1240d ago


It just sounds like they want to give people the option to pay in order to get their FOBs set up quicker and stronger than people who will slowly have to earn enough of the credits in-game. The typical pay-to-win mentality it seems.

It sucks for some people but doesn't matter to me personally because, while I'm very interested in building my Motherbase, FOB's online aspect didn't interest me at all because I like playing at my own pace and I wasn't interested in having to constantly defend my base from invaders. Sounds like a good concept but its not for me.

Karandinho1240d ago

every game has this not only konami but its time they also start doing it, They always deliver their games. look at E sports? lmao

the_dark_one1241d ago

"single-player mode, F.O.B Mode" FOB isnt singleplayer, its a PVP mode you need to be online to access it, but ya it still sucks thats its behind a paywall

sactownlawyer9161241d ago

Actually its not locked behind a paywall the coins are accelerators and can be earned other ways than real money.

KryptoniteTail1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

And that's okay? Is this a full retail console game for Sony's nextgen market leading hot new console the PS4....or a F2P Android game? This s*** has no business anywhere near any part of any MG game. Ever. Period.

People need to be critical. Get off Konami/MGS/Kojima for a minute and think objectively. This is bad. It's bad, guys.

loganbdh1241d ago

@KryptoniteTail go home your drunk.

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svoulis1241d ago

I honestly feel like this may be the reason that Kojimas isn't on the game at all. I feel he may not have said this because of some type of agreed arrangement with Konami to keep people interested in the game. I was a huge fan of MGSO and had so much fun with it and friends.

Kojima knows people will buy this game cause of him, and he doesn't need his name on the artwork as the work speaks for itself. Its sad to see a company like Konami turn into the new aged EA. I hope MGSO is at least somewhat fun without having to shell out extra money.

Palitera1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

Considering how they already attached a pay to win mechanic on the campaign, what could we expect from the MP?

Anyway, the microtransactions will probably sell like cupcakes, specially if they are very aggressive and limitating, that's the answer that the gamers will give to this greedy corporation. "Our" message will be sent, regardless of how many headlines will exist bashing and defending them. What matters is money and there will be flooding rivers of it.

To be honest, people are only hating on this because it comes from Konami. If it came from given companies whose names no one needs to mention because everyone here already know it, "we" would have been "giving them the benefit of doubt", or "letting they do their usually magnific job", or believing that "it is surely balanced and does not impact the overall aspect of their game", while every critic would be "an entitled kid". It is ridiculous how biased gamers-of-the-internet are.

This is the future. Let's support the last companies that do not go this way, while they are here.

And we will adapt and get used to it, as much as we don't even think about getting complete and finished games at launch.

Palitera1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

Screw it, I'm gonna name it.

1. Naughty "Gods", despite having pay to win microtransactions on TLOU MP.

2. Rockstar and its "completely different game" called GTA Online "bundled together" with GTA V. No... It is not ONLY a MP mode with TONS of microtransactions attached, in the most profitable AAA game in a long time. Completely different game... Right...

3. You get it. Now just click disagree. Taboos are not meant to be faced.

svoulis1241d ago


As much as I agree most companies are going this route because hell why not? It just sucks that people who enjoy MP games can't do it without shelling out extra money.

For example Advanced Warfare has "Advanced Supply Drops" which you can buy to try and get "variant (Better) weapons. It sucks because its an RNG attached to a microtransaction, so you aren't even guaranteed to get a good gun or anything.

I don't agree about TLOU being a pay to win game. I never bought anything in the game and my overall KDR after I put it down was around 2.5. Using the default weapons and stuff. If the game can be played without HAVING to purchase better stuff its not pay to win.

GTA I can't really speak for as I don't really do much in that game but play with friends so its never really serious.

I am not hating on it cause its Konami, I just want the game to be enjoyable without me feeling like I "Should" or "need" to buy something extra.

Palitera1240d ago

Just to clarify about the pay to win phrase: P2W mechanics do not give certain win for money, otherwise it would just be a contest about how much money each player spent. P2W schemes give players advantages and, despite loving TLOU's MP as well, it is what it does. IMO, of course.

This comes in opposition to cosmetic microtransactions, or SP microtransacations, for instance

loganbdh1241d ago

You know they confirmed kojimas name and production team on the game right?

svoulis1240d ago

Yes but they removed his name off the game case didn't they? Last I heard they removed his name off all MGS branding.

TLG19911241d ago

i wasn't keen on people jumping into my game whenever anyway to be fair but this is kind of s**t, i would have jumped into it at some point probably. i suppose there is enough in the normal game and mother base by the sounds of things you probably wouldn't notice or miss it anyway. but still, they have done this to milk it and taint the series that's been going for so long and loved by so many.

Im going to just ignore it and admire the rest of kojimas masterpiece. after all it is the swan song

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