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[email protected]' Jason Fanelli takes up arms against the Locust Horde in Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, but does the return trip satisfy like the first time around?

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AstroCyborg1155d ago

gotts love the medias stupidity

slappy5081155d ago

Well I've yet to read all the other gears of war reviews, but going off this review he praises all the enhancements of the game. Then he closes his review with a statement that the game has a major flaw, being that he couldnt find an online match. It stayed in loading - so I presume that was the factor in him marking the game down to 7. Now, Im no rocket scientist, but my logic tells me it would be rather difficult to find a match when there are a few hundred (maybe 1000) people on the planet who have this game. Hopefully it works like it should when millions try looking for a match but he'd be hard pressed to be matched with another reviewer who just happened to look for a match same time as he

Imortus_san1155d ago


Oficial release is 28 is it not? how can he play onlione when the game is not suposed to be out yet.

jb2271155d ago


So I'm assuming all of the 9's that praise the mp w/o actually having played it are somehow less stupid? If the mp isn't live for reviewers, they should either plainly state that they are solely reviewing the campaign, or they should hold off until they can at least play a few matches. Its unfair to gamers and devs to be scoring a game that isn't technically available to play for them, Anything less is outright lying to your readers and to gamers, doubly so when many of them gush about the mp w/o actually having played it. I'd assume the mp will be great fun but I'm not a reviewer so I can work on assumptions, they can not.

SIMOIKIE1155d ago

Yah but imo this is a mp game primarily to me so as long as severs hold up I'm satisfied!

Toiletsteak1155d ago

I love the single player and i know what to expect from it but, this game will keep me busy with the online for at least a year, the only thing that matters is what you said.