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"It takes a pretty big pair of power pellets to take on the task of reinventing an icon of gaming history. With Internet rage on a constant hair trigger, even a slight misstep in the treatment of such an icon could mean a career killer - and the list of competitors occupying the same lofty tier of reverence as PAC-MAN are few. We would suggest Mario, Space Invaders, and possibly Sonic for that short list.

So how did the partnership of studios Hipster Whale and 3 Sprockets - no doubt under the watchful eye of IP owner Bandai Namco - do? Is PAC-MAN relevant again, or should the makers of Crossy Road and Cubemen be looking for day jobs?"

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shipnabottle3256d ago

Fun iteration on a classic. Was playing it on the way home on the train this afternoon, makes for a great game to play while waiting for stuff.

SlappingOysters3256d ago

Great to hear this game is a success - those Pac-Man Ghostly Adventure titles were pretty lame.


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