Gamedaily: Wolfenstein Preview

Gamedaily writes: "Five years after tearing Nazis a new one in Return To Castle Wolfenstein for PC, Xbox and PlayStation 2, "B.J." Blazkowicz is back on patrol in Activision's forthcoming sequel, Wolfenstein. The game, in the works for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, once again pits this hard-willed soldier and his platoon against threatening Nazi forces. As usual, his enemies are up to no good, packing heavy firepower and conjuring demonic powers with Black Sun technology. We recently got a look at it in action, just in time for this week's QuakeCon festivities in Dallas, Texas.

Raven Software showed us two unique levels. The first, called Midtown, shows city streets clogged by gun-toting Nazi forces. Blazkowicz took a back stairwell, climbed up a ledge and jumped onto a rooftop to get the drop on unsuspecting Nazi gunners. Of course, if you'd rather go in guns blazing, you can stay on the ground and nail the gunners with headshots while avoiding incoming fire. It's up to you."

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