Are We About To Experience The Biggest Revolution In The History Of Gaming?

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"If I were to ask what Crackdown 3, No Man’s Sky and the Oculus Rift have in common, I can perfectly imagine the blank stare you would give me in return. Indeed, these seemingly disparate projects have nothing in common. Yet, they also have everything in common: hope. What these exciting projects represent is a leap forward in gaming, the likes of which we have never seen before. After waiting patiently for so long, our hopes and dreams are crystallising into what will be a truly revolutionary era in the gaming industry. What lies ahead is the stuff fantasy, yet it will become reality"

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Simco8761244d ago

No Man's Sky is going to be epic scale and one sweet ride.

MSBAUSTX1244d ago

I do believe No Mans Sky is going to be awesome for sure. I didnt for a while but it is catching my eye more and more.

MSBAUSTX1244d ago (Edited 1244d ago )

Slight sensationalism if you ask me. I have 30 friends on my PS account and almost 50 on my XB Live account. Out of 80 people that I have asked about VR maybe 10 of them plan on buying it. So I hardly doubt that sales numbers like that are going to "revolutionize" anything. The Cloud may have an impact for gaming down the road but still hinges on internet fidelity and server attacks like we have seen this past Christmas. I do not believe we are on the cusp of a Revelation in the gaming industry from any of the developers right now. They are definitely picking up the pace and delvering some beter quality experiences. However, no one is breaking any crazy ground that is going to be the Next Super Nintendo, Playstation 1, or Wii type stuff.

TLG19911244d ago

10 people out of 80 you have asked are going to buy VR, i would say thats pretty good if those stats carried on though out everyone. especially for a new piece of tech no one has tried properly.

not everyone went out and bought a next gen console day one, its about the long game. and with new tech even more so. its also word of mouth those 10 people will in turn let x amount of people try it then some of those will go and buy it and the chain goes on. its not going to be an instant hit, i think we all know that. there needs to be a lot more support for it yet and not novelty stuff.

SteamPowered1244d ago

Betcha if your friends were PC players 5 out of 10 would start salivating at the topic of Oculus/Vive.
Every time I go into Memory Express I find someone that is currently building a rig specifically for VR. Myself included.

Mikefizzled1244d ago

Of my group of friends with gaming PC's 0 out the 7 of us are bothered by VR. I think your numbers are crazy high.

thorstein1243d ago

To add to that, only 30 of his friends have a console that will have a VR component...

So, 10 out of 30 is really, really high.

jb2271243d ago

I think the whole point about being on the cusp of a revolution is having all of these amazing potentially game changing experiences coming closer to fruition. Between VR, cloud tech & procedural generation, none of these ideas are brand new, but they are finally being utilized on very large scales. Maybe it'll be another half a decade, but we are witnessing a lot of interesting seeds being sown.

CoyoteHunter1243d ago

Well said jb227. You certainly got the point I was trying to get across :)

SteamPowered1244d ago

Once you try VR, your view of gaming and media will change forever. I guarantee it.

Timesplitter141244d ago (Edited 1244d ago )

I work with VR regularly and I can say the wow-factor wears off pretty rapidly. I think VR will have more of an impact than 3DTV's or Kinect, but not a lot more.

The thing with VR is that it limits gameplay in many ways, and you get a lot of eye fatigue as soon as you're playing for more than 15-30 minutes.

SteamPowered1244d ago

What VR are you working with? DK2?

Timesplitter141244d ago

mostly DK2, also some Cardboard and GearVR

SteamPowered1244d ago

Well the Dk has low latency and resolution. The polished Vive/Oculus will have more than double the FPS and going from 720p to 1200p. The experience will be a lot more comfortable with the final versions.
Have faith my brother!

Off topic- have you tried virtual desktop? Thats the app I'll most likely use the most with VR. I love sizing and curving my virtual screen for gaming/3d movies.

AtomHeart6231244d ago

I think VR is gonna be like the Xbox kinnect device. I don't think it will die like kinnect but I think it will be at a snails pace until kinks are worked out. It will be a niche device for a long time.

miyamoto1244d ago

The PS4 is the revolution that gaming needed and its revolutionizing the industry as we live and breathe.

miyamoto1243d ago (Edited 1243d ago )

PS4 is being consumed by gamers worldwide at an alarming rate of 1 million units a month.
PS4 is selling more than the PS3 and 360 combined at the same time.
PS4 is outselling the XB1 and Wii U combined.
PS4 is being consumed faster than the PS2.

Every kid is bugging their parents for a PS4 system this year.

I hear it everywhere in the streets , malls and homes.

Trully recolutionary

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