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Eight friends return to a secluded cabin atop a snowy mountain one year after tragedy befell them there. No cell phone service, no electricity, no way to get a hold of the outside world. What could go wrong, right? If the premise for Until Dawn sounds derivative, that’s because it definitely is. The tropes and clichés built into the introduction for Supermassive’s choose-your-own-adventure game are deliberately obvious. It was billed as a classic teen slasher in the vein of Friday the 13th and Halloween. Going into it, I planned to accept these tropes and play the game with an open mind. If that’s what the studio wanted it to be, then that would be how I looked at it. What it turns out to be, however, is much more than that, and that’s partly what makes Until Dawn a success.

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DarkOcelet1149d ago

The game sounds awesome. And the graphics looks impressive and tbh i am amazed although the graphics in here looks phenomenal, Horizon looks much more impressive in terms of visuals which is beautiful.

Anyway, cant wait to get my hands on this.

TwoForce1149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

Nice. Hey man, do you love splash horror film ? If yes, what your favorite one ? Until Dawn is something interesting. I'm glad it got great review.

mafiahajeri1149d ago

Loving the game so far, I love that I immediately regretted my first major choice and knew that I couldn't change it.

And yes the facial animations are phenomenal! I'm playing during the day, feels wrong! Gonna give this bad boy a go at night!

aaron58291149d ago

Cool, i'll be definitely getting this one...

I loved Heavy Rain, I'm sure I'll love this one as well...

showtimefolks1149d ago

can't wait to play this in a dark room with headphones. oh and again ps4 has no games argument entry has been debunked

XboxOneX1149d ago

I agree with you @showtimefolks PS4 has lots of 3rd party games and even a couple of exclusive games as well. I cant wait to play this game I have finally been using my PS4 this week playing the BO3 beta and I dont know why everyone says the PSN is so bad because its been running fine for me apart from the game kept kicking me out of the servers and the lagging.

OB1Biker1149d ago

'PS4 has lots of 3rd party games and even a couple of exclusive games as well. '
Lol ok whatever what your trying to mean with 'even a couple' xD
I can't wait either anyway :)

showtimefolks1149d ago

Xbox one

stealth trolling attempt epic fail couple of exclusives LOL. how about more exclusives in year 2015 than Xbox one and that my friend is a fact

also the highest rated exclusives belong to ps4

now you can say thee are only few exclusives that interested you and that would be fin but to say ps4 only has had few exclusive is wrong

Neonridr1149d ago

Why couldn't you have left your statement at just the first sentence? Why do you feel the need to start things when they don't need to be started?

I too am looking forward to playing this in a dark room with headphones. Sets the mood perfectly.

showtimefolks1149d ago

I understand what you are saying but since e3 and gamescom all we been hearing about is ps4 has no games. so I am sorry if I wrote what you didn't like but what I said is simply factual data

Neonridr1149d ago

@showtime - I was only bustin' your chops. I think people were saying that there isn't much in the way of 1st party support. There are still 4 months left in the year I guess. But there are tons of 3rd party games to fill the void anyways.

kayoss1149d ago

Going to make my wife play this in the dark room. She hates horror. Should be fun to watch. Lol

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