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G4TV: 'Siren: Blood Curse' Preview

G4TV writes: "SCEA Producer Tsubasa Inaba gave us a little peek on their terrifying adventure title, Siren: Blood Curse, a week before it was released. This Sony Computer Entertainment Japan developed game is out now for the Playstation 3.

Siren: Blood Curse features a "Sight-Jack" system that lets players see into the eyes of enemies - if you're daring enough. Don't call this game a Silent Hill mimic, as its gripping 12 dramatic episodes and intuitive archive system puts this as a must-play title for adventure fans."

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Jackthepwnsaur4439d ago

Siren: Blood Curse: When you play it, you S**t bricks.

Silogon4439d ago (Edited 4439d ago )

Easily, and I mean this, Easily the most engrossing and engaging game to be released yet this generation! Siren is chalk full of scares and incredible atmosphere.

What this game has over Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Fatal Frame is too much to list, but where it really shines is the voice acting. WOW! This is actually really good, really well done and taken serious.

The actors act as if they're in a movie, not a game. Not even Uncharted had this good of VO work. Siren, guys, check it out!