1TB PS4 console + Bloodborne for £299.99

Dealspwn: At the weekend I posted a similar deal, but there's now the additional option to get Bloodborne with your 1TB PS4 instead of a PlayStation TV unit for just £299.99.

I took advantage of the PSTV bundle offer myself at the weekend seeing as my PS4 has been ejecting discs at random at an increasing rate. I opted to pick up at my local Homebase/Argos hybrid store (when did that happen) the same day and I was even able to get extra money off with my Nectar card points.

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XBLSkull1204d ago

$299 usd would be a great deal, id buy that without hesitation.

SaveFerris1204d ago

Me too! That works out to approx. £190

Fro_xoxo1204d ago

to bite or not to bite?

TrollityTroll1204d ago

Don't bite .. or at least not at this stage:
1 - You've made it clear you prefer the XB1, with the monthly AAA exclusives from now to year end (not to mention the mutiplat games worth playing) you're potentially spreading yourself too thin (nobody wants more "I own both consoles but console Y is just gathering dust because so and so" comments). After the AAA XB drought so far this isn't the time to be getting another console, just when the flood (heheh) is starting
2 - This may seem a great deal but highly suspect that there will be even better deals in the run up to Xmas (and then into the new year sales). Again, feasible if there was a dearth of games but refer point 1.
3 - If you've not got a PS4 by there aren't enough exclusives that interest you, so getting one now doesn't make sense (refer point 1).

May seem strange that a PS4 only owner is advising someone to NOT get a PS4 but, based on your posting history, your current position, and the game horizon between now and the end of the year (taking into account your posting history), that's how I see it.
All my personal opinion of course.

Fro_xoxo1204d ago

thanks for your input.

I will take advantage during Christmas.. :)