Life, The Universe And Gaming: How The Witcher 3 Shatters The Illusion Of Player Choice

Quote: "So you get a set opening, and a set conclusion. Perhaps the end-state might vary slightly but ultimately the narrative reaches some overall conclusion. “The good guys won” for example. That’s perfectly fine. The strength then comes not in the choice or worded differently, the cause, because we already know that’s an illusion in a closed system. Instead, the strength comes in the result of the choice; the effect. The repercussions of your actions.

And that, friends, is what The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has nailed down to an absolute tee."

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poppinslops1245d ago

I [email protected]#kin' nailed it... first try [email protected]#ka!


Ithlinne's prophecy?
Ithlinne's prophecy can suck it... the Sword of Destiny has swung!
No empire to cover the world, no White Queen and no White Frost... and no White Flame either - that incestuous warmonger got his come-uppance, Caesar-style!

No one touches my girl... except for other girls.
All she ever wanted was to be a Witcher... now she can go on adventures with Uncle Letho!

I feel bad for Triss, but that little date-rapist spent two games lying through her 'teeth'... Yennefer and Geralt 4eva!

I do wish I could've saved Sile... still, her final moments were filled with the screams of burning Witch-Hunters (fire seemed appropriately ironic) - something I'm sure she appreciated.

speaking of fire, I was hoping I could feed Phillipa to Radovid (gave him her megascope crystal and everything!), but the witch still got the jump on him... at least I screwed her out of a place in Nilfgaard.

Can't win 'em all... but I guess that's a part of what makes the game so great!

My season-pass is ready for more... c'mon October!