Until Dawn Shows The Power Of Killzone: Shadow Fall Engine In These Direct-Feed Screenshots

Until Dawn is an upcoming PS4 exclusive that is being developed by Supermassive Games. While it was originally in development for the PS3, the developers shifted their focus to the PS4 in late 2013 and it was officially announced for PS4 in August 2014. This has allowed the developers to use the Killzone: Shadow Fall engine for their game, resulting in graphics that fit the cinematic nature of the game, often looking like pre-rendered movies.

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masterfox1154d ago

what? well look at that no wonder why this game look so damn good.

bouzebbal1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

very promising game.. Tomorrow cannot come soon enough.
I just wished they kept the Move gameplay so people can choose what suits them best.

Then they could have kept the 1st person view.

BitbyDeath1154d ago

Not possible, since all the mechanics behind it were changed. EG. Move was 1st person, this is now 3rd person. Move had you moving a torch around to guide you, now you just use the arrow buttons.

TwoForce1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

I don't know about the PS move really. PS move can only fits with project morpheus. It could work Until Dawn, but that's gonna take a long time to finish the game.

showtimefolks1154d ago

is horizon also using this engine?

ninsigma1154d ago

Yup! They spent 2 years modifying the kz engine to enable it to stream opend world games.

showtimefolks1154d ago

thank you no wonder why it looks so damn stunning. really can't wait to find out more and finally play the game in 2016

it's been in development since 2011 so 5 years of developement. fallout new vegas lead writer doing the story and open world game experience developers wrested from Cd project red

TwoForce1154d ago

Yes, they are. That's a damn fine fine engine, baby.

ninsigma1154d ago

Didn't know this was running on the kz engine! That's awesome! Game looks great! Won't be picking it up day one but I'll be playing it at some point without a doubt.

DragonDDark1154d ago

Looks awesome. Cant wait for the reviews.

ninsigma1154d ago

I think reviews are going to come in good. If previews are anything to go by anyway! I'm actually surprised by the amount of positivity towards this game. I thought it looked awesome from the start but I thought a lot of people wouldn't be up for something like this. Nice to see I was wrong!

OB1Biker1154d ago

cant wait to play it day one but really cant care less about reviews I ll probably check out GI and Dualshocker for the fun of it though (I mean the reviews not meaningless scores)

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The story is too old to be commented.