Is There a Future for Video Game Cover Art?

Alex from GamersFTW writes:

“ day, packaged games won’t even exist, and perhaps neither will the stores that sell them.”

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Yukes1155d ago

I used to love the big box games proudly showing off their colourful cover art. Every game was shop bought back in the 90s and early noughties, pretty much, so the cover art was important to grab attention.

c00lvilKid691155d ago

Yeah, definitely! I’m glad I’m not the only one with fond memories of good old 90’s box art.

BenRage31155d ago

I remember buying Secret of Mana as a little kid and how amazed I was at the box art. It seemed so legendary and magical. Man I loved that game, the memories are so vivid. To be a kid again...

3-4-51155d ago

90's video game cover art had imagination and creativity to it.

Too bland and samey now

GamerGabs1155d ago

Nice little article. It's funny how many of us ignore box art when it's so vital to getting out attention. Would have been interested in reading a longer article with some more details and examples of old box art and how that differs from what we see today (as well as pictures to go with them). These days many of us can't afford to buy games purely on the box art alone, and we look to reviews and trailers to tell us whether we want the game. I remember just going into Game with no idea on which game I was going to buy and left it up to the box art and back of the box descriptions.

c00lvilKid691155d ago

I developed trust issues later in life after being lied to by the back of game boxes.

Skellytorx1155d ago

Good article. I still think people will continue to buy games from their local store rather than switch fully to digital download. Packaged games make a good display at home and there's a sense of achievement when showing off an impressive collection to your friends! I think the art adds to that.

Shillmeister1155d ago

I hope video game covers last, you can get some beautifully designed ones, even fan made pieces (such as the MGS5 Hideo Kojima VHS cover recently released).

c00lvilKid691155d ago

Apart of me wants them to stay too. I know it’s not very economical, but there’s something nice about the physicality of a game that you just don’t get with digital downloads.

MrsNesbitt1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

Really hope games don't become purely digital :(

BenRage31155d ago

While it makes no difference to me in the long run, it should be noted that on Steam when you are in big picture mode, the box art of the game is displayed. I know it's not the same, but I do think it is a cool feature.

MrsNesbitt1154d ago

It works for PC and Steam but consoles not so much. It's nice to have a physical copy :)

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