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Pennyworth Reviews writes: "Full remakes like this don’t come along every day, and whether you’re a returning fan hoping to get a taste of the old glory days or a newcomer who never knew what the fuss was about, the Gears of War Ultimate Edition delivers in spades as it serves up that same amazing game released years ago, but even better"

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Ognipode1204d ago

So pumped to play the living crap heck out of the multiplayer again, until my fingers fall off.

ElleGee1204d ago

Played the hell out of this nearly 10 years ago. I hope matchmaking works though, not like Halo MCC.

spicelicka1204d ago

It worked great during the beta so I think it'll be fine.

Darranged1204d ago

Maybe now I can finally beat General Raam. Dammit, stop laughing at me!

FlexLuger1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

There is an easy way to do it!....ok Im lying. Good luck bruh! Its easier in co op, though! Just stay out of the way of those damn bats!

Chrisdb271204d ago

Aww yeaaaaaaaa, can't wait to play this through again :) Gears 1 will always be legendary!

ladyramkin1204d ago

'Tis but a memory now...

Time to make new memories. Of OBLITERATION!

Automatic791204d ago

Can't wait to chainsaw my buddies.

FlexLuger1204d ago

I cant wait to drill my buddies heads off with the sniper rifle. I am surgical with that thing, baby!

the king of TPS is back. and this aint even the sequel :)

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