NGB | Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Review

NGB wrote: "Bursting with an astounding array of content, amazingly deep gameplay and an engrossing story, The Phantom Pain is the best Metal Gear game to date. It’s a masterpiece, oozing with Kojima’s creative genius. He’s listened and learned, crafting a game that’s as close to perfection as you can get. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and, as the credits roll, you’ll sit there in disbelief. I certainly did. Either way, you’ll agree that The Phantom Pain is one very special game. If this is to be Kojima’s last Metal Gear game, what a way to sign off. It’s so damn good. No exaggeration, one of the best games ever made."

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showtimefolks1155d ago

what more can we say, kojima has done it again. I am happy to get to play this game but also sad that we may never get another mgs from kojima

showtimefolks1155d ago

I have no doubt about that. that would be the ultimate slap on face of konami

best studio award goes to kojima productions

GOTY goes to a game made by kojima production mgs 5

mezati991155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

i think it's safe to say this is Game of the year. can't see anything topping this TBH

EDIT: maybe Fallout 4 will come close

Imalwaysright1155d ago

Fallout 4 will be broken for several months and even if it wasn't, I doubt that it will top MGS in terms of quality.

italiangamer1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

MGS is truly something special, Kojima is the master of the videogame industry. I loled at your statement about Fallout 4 being broken for months, it is Bethesda after all XD

Perjoss1155d ago

Oblivion, Fallout 3 and Skyrim were all 'broken' games, didnt stop them from winning GOTY when they released. I think Fallout 3 might have kind of come 2nd to GTA IV but the other 2 were clear winners.

Imalwaysright1155d ago

Kojima ends the MGS saga with a bang. It will be interesting to see what he'll do from now on.

LackTrue4K1155d ago

Who owns "zone of Enders?" Really want a new game.

C L O U D1155d ago

I want a new Zone of The Enders too...I actually got the first one from seeing the trailer on the 2nd disc that came with Sons of Liberty

CyrusLemont1155d ago

So you don't up playing Big Boss in this game either but are misdirected before another character reveals himself as BB. Why would they spoil that in the review? Ehhhhh