Gears of War: Ultimate Edition (Xbox One) Review | Cubed3

Back in 2006, the original Gears of War was the killer app for the Xbox 360. Cliff Blezenski, the designer, took gameplay concepts and ideas from tried and true titles like Kill Switch's cover-based mechanics that were not popular at the time, as well as the off-centre, over-the-shoulder camera perspective, and elaborate melee kills from the Shinji Mikami masterpiece, Resident Evil 4. With these influences, Epic Games would use its Unreal Engine, which was then known for being used exclusively for Unreal Tournament games, to craft a third-person shooter with visuals unseen by the world. The original Gears of War was one of the most important titles on the Xbox 360, which helped secure a strong install base, as well as set the trend of so many future action games that would follow during that generation. Now that Gears of War has been remastered as Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, it is no surprise that this version is gorgeous, but just how well has the gameplay aged? Find out in the Cubed3 review of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition.

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