IGN: Fatal Frame: Mask of Lunar Eclipse Hands-On

After months of waiting, Nintendo has finally released Fatal Frame: Masked of the Lunar Eclipse in Japan, and, naturally, IGN has already got their import copies. Tecmo threw fans for a loop in 2007, though, when it announced that it had partnered with Nintendo to make a new Fatal Frame game exclusively for Wii. Mask of the Lunar Eclipse, a joint effort by Tecmo and Grasshopper Manufacture (yes, the same Grasshopper Manufacture headed by No More Heroes creator Suda 51) is the result of that partnership.

It's an undertaking that hardcore Wii owners have anticipated since its unveiling. So now that IGN has finally gone hands-on with the end product, does it live up to the expectations?

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N4g_null4324d ago

WOW really creepy. Can't wait for this one.