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Gears Of War is dumb. It's a game about enormous, muscular, arsehole space marines and over the top hyper violence with a b-movie grade script and a basically non-existent plot. The confidence it has in pursuing the knowingly ridiculous is part of the series' enduring charm, but that same stupidity is why nine years later Epic's defining game has become somewhat underrated.

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spicelicka1242d ago

"Gears Of War is dumb. It's a game about enormous, muscular, arsehole space marines"

The first one didn't have much of a story but the second one really did, and the third one did a good job as well.

Secondly, they're not space marine, the game has nothing to do with space, you never set foot in space. The enemies come from underground, not space.

Not criticizing his review, 8/10 is a great score, but just clarifying something that stuck out to me.

Morgue1242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

Didn't everyone who had some snarky comment about this game when it was originally released say the exact same thing as that quote?

spicelicka1242d ago

Yes pretty much anyone who didn't actually play the game properly said that. But it's a good way to test people's credibility.

nugget271242d ago

They're on a planet in space. Aren't we all?

spicelicka1242d ago

wow mind blown, I'm now a space accountant!