‘Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’ Is the Perfect Stealth Game

Series creator Hideo Kojima has delivered his masterpiece, and it's amazingly adaptable to the player's misadventures.

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KryptoniteTail1151d ago

Is that why GZ felt like an action game with a stealth option? MGS was a stealth game, period, and if you weren't stealthy you were just screwing up and slopping through the game (and good luck doing that on the harfest mode, with radar off, and lose-if-spotted on, btw).

I didn't even finish MGS4, it dropped me off in a chaotic environment with tons of action and I just wasn't feeling it. Watched my friend gun through the game, though, and it made me sick. He never finished MGS1 or 2 (though did play 3) so I doubt he had full knowledge of the sinful mess he was playing. He enjoyed it though...

At least it had those real MGS feels. The story, music, cutscenes, conversation. Gameplay has been way off ever since though.

DarkOcelet1151d ago

They dropped you in a warzone so what did you expect? And MGS4 was really excellent in both action and stealth. I don't know whats wrong when you have more options to play with. It makes the game highly replayable just like Dishonored or Deus Ex.

aquaticDonut1151d ago

I have never played either of those games without being stealthy nor have I ever thought about it. In both, they reward you for stealth and punish for action. the options there, but, much like with MGS, it's basically playing it wrong.

chrisx1151d ago

Only 1 Reason : Hideo Kojima