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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is effectively an ending. Although Metal Gear may continue, many important people behind it, including creator Hideo Kojima, will no longer be involved. Yet the Phantom Pain doesn’t feel like an ending, but rather a beginning. The game marks a bold new chapter for the series, taking it in a direction it’s never been before. Set in a huge open world, Metal Gear has never felt so expansive. It’s far more than space though that makes the game so different. Phantom Pain is extremely ambitious in nearly every aspect. And while it does occasionally falter under the weight of that ambition, it nonetheless features and allows for many incredible moments.

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Can't wait for that reviewer who gives it a 4/10 to gather clicks

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is it just me or does the GT staff sound exhausted and uninspired as of late?

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Game of the Year!!! your move Fallout 4.

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Put your money on Fallout 4!

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