With ‘Shenmue 3’ and ‘The Last Guardian’ Coming, What’s Left for Gamers to Dream Of?

VICE: From 'Half-Life 3' to anything strong from the SEGA stable, here are the games we're still thirsty for.

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98xpresent1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

My type of article, Umm half life 3 and crash reboot made by naughty dog for me

cannon88001154d ago

If Half Life 3 is ever confirmed, I would probably have the same crazy reaction that gamers had over the Final Fantasy 7 remake announcement.

XisThatKid1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

original Megaman 2.5D remakes
Power Stone 3
Time Splitters
Heavenly Sword 2
PlayStation All-stars 2 (Done right)
Legacy of Kain anything
More Party Fighters
H Hour
Good Spider-Man games.
Warhawk or Starhawk 2
Twisted Metal
Good X men games
Saints Row more like 3
A real console mmo street racer
good Ninja Turtles games
Tekken vs Street Fighter
SNK vs Capcom 3
Arc Systems Cross over fighter
Good Sonic game
Roy in Smash Bros....wait...Nevermind
ET or/and Shaq Fu Remake lol
Among others

iceman061154d ago

@XisThatKid...I know you were joking about the Shaq Fu thing....but someone actually tried to kickstart it! Shaq was even involved with the kickstarter. I hadn't heard if it made it or not.

AndrewLB1154d ago

When Valve formally announces Half-Life 3, I guarantee the reaction will be larger than anything we've seen before. Not only did Half-Life 2 outsell FFVII, but it ended with the most excruciating cliffhanger I had ever seen in a video game. The way the scene faded to black with only the sound of Alyx crying uncontrollably...


You can't end a game like that!! It's torture! GITMO detainees are treated better than this!!

TheCommentator1154d ago

I want a true Shadowrun RPG, like the Genesis version was. I imagine it as if elements of GTA, Elder Scrolls, and Deus Ex were all squished together. Dreams, only dreams...


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SourtreeDing1154d ago

A proper Socom, or Socom remake!! one can dream

AngelicIceDiamond1154d ago

Nothin against TLG but these games have a legacy. Happy to see TLG re-announced but its still yet to prove itself.

jb2271154d ago

I think its developers have enough legacy to cement TLG's place among this list...the title is obviously a spiritual successor to Ico & Shadow, two of the most critically acclaimed games of all time, so while TLG hasn't proven itself directly, its indirectly deserving of legacy status in most gamers' opinions.

Hellsvacancy1154d ago

A Tenchu reboot, it's been faaaar too long

Magicite1154d ago

Chrono Cross sequel, remake or remaster.

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DragonDDark1154d ago

I want a new one made by the people who made wrath of heaven.

robtion1154d ago

Yes. I have said it so many times. Bring back Tenchu.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 would also be nice.

Also Timesplitters.

Hellsvacancy1154d ago

I posted the same above, didn't notice your comment

+1 for intelligent

chrisx1154d ago

Along with Onimusha remake

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DarkOcelet1154d ago

Parasite Eve Remake
Vagrant Story 2
Crash Bandicoot 4
Dark Cloud 3
Dino Crisis Reboot
Syphon Filter Reboot

TheGreatGamer1154d ago

Would love too see some OG games like Phantom Dust, Voodoo Vince, PGR and others from OG xbox

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