Dubstep and Dragons Come Together at Last in Scalebound Gameplay

OX writes: "Xbox One exclusive Scalebound combines dragons and dubstep in an action RPG in which you and your scaly companion fight as one. Inspect new Scalebound gameplay with custom dragons and a glimpse of co-op in the following video."

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Enemy1153d ago

Why does the protagonist look like Eminem tried to join DMC and failed?

Sonyslave31153d ago

I kinda like the look it make him seem average.

breakpad1153d ago

that s why american companies (like MS ) must not be involved in development of Japanese games

DevilOgreFish1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

A real unique hair style would have worked more for him. I like his alter ego though, pretty catchy.

poppinslops1153d ago

I read somewhere that Platinum has gotten whoever did Forza Horizon 2's soundtrack for Scalebound's playlist, so I expect the game will cater to a variety of musical tastes... that said, I think the Prodigy song contrasts nicely with the action - sort of like how the 'Young Guns' films used 80's cock-rock for their soundtracks.

Here's hoping the FH2 crew aren't too cool for Kenny Loggins... Danger Zooo-owoowone!

I also like the idea of co-op outside of boss-fights... it'll be fun flying around with buddies, lording it over the 'innocent' citizens of Draconis.

isarai1153d ago

Dubstep? Really? It's nowhere near dubstep, it's electronica/rave. Honestly yo give something some bass and faster tempo and everyone wants to lable it dubstep. That's like calling Funk, Gangster Rap.

FoxyGotGame1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

Scalebound looks awesome, it's the game coming to Xbox that interests me the most. But as for this watered down/vague circa 2007 Dubstep, a genre that is so passe, I haven't heard it in any clubs, and I don't know anybody who actually admits to listening to it anymore.

Drum n' Bass is a different story. A genre that continues to thrive underground (where I like it) after reaching mass popularity in the 90's. I guess music genres whether Passe or not, doesn't really matter that much as a Game Soundtrack. I would like more Classical/Operatic music used in games. Especially for boss fights /