GameSpot gets a redesign

GameSpot, one of the largest gaming websites on the Internet, is getting a redesign. The redesign, codenamed "GameSpot Wide" boasts several improvements to the user experience. Some of those improvements are: a 25% wider site width to take advantage of larger computer monitors, improved site navigation, streamlined video viewing, more visible game details in gamespaces, and enhanced community integration. GameSpot will also start offering web-optimized 960x540 (540p) video to all users. (720p video content is still reserved for subscribers).

The redesign is currently in public beta, but will be going live next week.

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ILikeButter3820d ago

Looks more organized and I like how big everything is now.

Poor Xbots3820d ago

I thought it looked meh.

Poor Xbots

kai_h3820d ago

It's good, but do they have to put Editor's Pick before Latest Previews and Reviews? I'd rather see their latest review than see what the editor likes. I also believe that there are one too many boxes. I mean, Gamespot Originals and Video Picks? Why don't they just stick video picks in the Editor's Pick box?

But none the less, the new design is better to the eyes in my opinion.

flexbox3603820d ago

thats nice. but when i google a video game and gamespot links come up...i dont click it.

Viktor E3820d ago

Im on IGN more but the redesign looks tight

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The story is too old to be commented.