How Sony can compete with Xbox's backward's compatibility in two, easy steps

With Xbox's backward's compatibility out in full force for preview members, what steps can Sony take to compete?

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Sureshot1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

"Of course, this is all free as long as you own the game of course and have a Gold subscription." wrong, it's free with or without Gold come it's release in November. Completely free and available off line once game has been downloaded once.

LOL this guys solution is for Sony to charge a lot less for psnow! I'm pretty sure if Sony could afford to charge less they would. Psnow is too pricey and always will be since it costs a lot of money to stream gameplay for hours on end.

Sony's best solution would be to try and emulate the ps3 2 and 1 like the x1 does. Though it's probably impossible due to cell's unique design.

Ridiculous article.

Enemy1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Xbox's backward compatibility isn't selling any consoles, and it's barely impressive considering not all games are backward compatible. There's nothing to compete with.

StrayaKNT1247d ago

There's nothing to compete with because you cant compete with it. Microsoft literally ended the console war when backward compatibility was announced and people absolutely love it. My second cousin traded in his ps4 for an xbox one last week and guess what? I'm not even joking. That speaks volumes.

Majin-vegeta1247d ago

@Strata Hahaha ha yea man a feature that is half arsed really ended the console war.By your logic MS should be selling millions of X1 and surpassing Sony in sales.

aceitman1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

@stray really ended the war he traded his ps4 for an Xbox so he can play 360games that doesn't even start yet. Y doesn't he get a 360. People get next gen systems for next gen not to play last gen it was done with the ps3 and 360 last gen and the support didn't last long.
And also there was not a spike on sales after the announcement, u say bc ended the console war as if x1 surpassed ps4 on sales it didn't

slate911247d ago

"Barely impressive." Lol, this guy. Its barely impressive to get an entire xbox 360 running on the One and to be able to play online with 360 players and chat with them. Barely impressive that all you need to do is pop in the disc. Barely impressive that the only thing holding a game back from being added are the publishers.

Barely impressive.

Enemy1247d ago

@ Straya: Your cousin doesn't equate to the masses. PS4 is STILL outselling it in NPD month after month. It will never catch up. You're right, though, the console war is over. PS4's lead ended it.

Enemy1247d ago

"Look ma, I could play old games" isn't going to sell consoles. People buy new consoles to play new games. BC didn't affect a thing. It would be a waste of Sony's time.

Tedakin1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Emulating the 360 on XB1 and adding DVR, crossplay with 360, streaming, and snapshots to 360 games is very impressive.... If it was so easy Sony would do it. They haven't figured it out, and are choosing to charge you to stream games you already own instead. How anyone can say that's better is beyond me.

mhunterjr1247d ago

People who have yet to upgrade, might choose the console that allows them to play their old games as well as new ones...

No, people aren't going to buy an console just for BC, but it could push you over the edge of you haven't made a choice yet, especially if you plan to trade in your console.

ocelot071246d ago

Holy crap people this guy's cousin traded in his PS4 for a Xbox. The console war has been won by Microsoft!


BattleAxe1246d ago

I have an idea for Sony to be able to compete in just one step:

1. Come out with backwards compatibility.

dcbronco1246d ago

BC probably isn't as hard as Microsoft makes it out to be. And the author is wrong that they did BC trying to close the gap. The true genius of Xbox One BC is the Xbox One OS. It was designed to do this from day one. It's a hypervisor already running two OSs. It's not that big of a deal to run a third. Computers can run bunches of VMs at the same time.

They will eventually run an Original Xbox OS and a OS for pc games too. They could run one for PlayStation games if they wanted and I bet somewhere in Microsoft there is an Xbox running PlayStation games someone threw together on their own time.

Over time this feature will make a difference. Along with the cloud. It ain't over yet.

Blurmobjet1246d ago

Did I miss something? Do they need to compete?

PistolsAtDawn1246d ago

How do you have so many bubbles?

I'm not sure many (if any) people believe that a BC feature alone will sell's just another great feature to use if you so choose. It's nice when gamers have options...not sure why you are so against the idea. It literally costs nothing to X1 gamers if they don't want to use it...if they already own the game it's still free to use...if they wanna buy an old 360 probably doesn't cost much.

It's a nice feature, I can't say I'd buy a console for BC, but it's another straw on the camel's back.

remixx1161246d ago


Dude you say some of the stupidest sh*t, the simple fact that you call it a "war" shows your mental age and fanboyism.

Also if BC is what decides the victor then that means the Wii U won before the new consoles even launched.........oh but wait that counters your whole statement huh? Guess its time to move that goal post again.

BC is great, idiotic fanboyism is cancer.

Foehammer1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

"Look ma, I could play old games"

lol, you are conveniently missing the point.

The console can play new games AND play previous generation favourites with NO ADDITIONAL COSTS OR FEES.

If it wasn't a BIG deal it wouldn't be one of the top features ask for by the fanbase.

Apparently Sony things it's a BIG deal, since they spent $380,000,000 for Gaikai. Sony also thinks it's a BIG enough deal that It's fanbase will pay a fee to stream those old games.

Both Sony and MS also thought it was a BIG enough deal to put on last gens consoles.

But I guess you know better, lol

Yetter1246d ago

Lots of 360 gamers waiting to upgrade out there. I know a ton of em. If they aren't gonna lose their game library this is enough to keep with team XB instead of joining the Sony camp

Army_of_Darkness1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

oh wow, enjoy those x360 games from last gen with no enhanced anything, while we have to deal with mainly next gen games on the ps4 like the upcoming MGS5 at "1080p/ 60fps" instead..... I wonder what console will sell more when it releases next week ;-)

DarXyde1246d ago


I think it'll attract a decent crowd. You have to wonder how well Wii U would sell if it had access to Nintendo's entire physical catalog history. That would be the harbinger of industry chaos in the best way possible.


Your second cousin sounds like a big deal. Can't wait to hear about them again.

Azzanation1246d ago

Do you always think these things are done just so they can outsell the PS4? Not everything is about PS4. BC is to help the current 360 owners to move to XB1, PS4 has nothing to do with this. COD still sells best on the 360 which tells you something, there's still a large market of gamers playing on 360 today. Sometimes companies do good things for there customers and lets face it and be honest here, MS and Xbox are doing amazing things for there customers. Sony can if they want to however because of fans like you, they don't see the need because you clearly don't care just like many others on this site.

Rhythmattic1246d ago

Yep Yetter

Totally agree.

All the gamers on 360, waiting to upgrade, PS4/One...?
Its a no brainer.... Upgrade to a One and sell the 360, and still play your last gen library.

They can always buy a PS4 later.

XisThatKid1246d ago

This is a easy question, Don't. Let the still purchasable PS3 do it's job.still has at least one more year in it. 10 year plan in all

Kiwi661246d ago

So guess you don't use ps now seeing as that lets you play last gen games on you're new gen console

badz1491246d ago

Am I the only one here thinking that BC is not as huge a feature as many fanboys here trying to make? Don't get me wrong. It's a nice feature but is it a must have? Personally, I don't think so.

Just like how xbox fanboys are saying 1080p vs 900p doesn't matter. Only the PS fanboys say so. I guess this is a similar case. BC only matters because xbox fanboys say so.

Mr Pumblechook1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

"it isn't humanly possible with the naked eye to see the difference between 1080P and 900P"! - Mike Boccherini Gamezone.

Ha ha! Where do they find these people? Just because he doesn't want to believe that his favourite console may be visually disadvantaged he makes a sweeping statement about what is scientifically possible for the eye to see! Excuse me Boccherini but are you a qualified research ophthalmologist?

XBLSkull1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

Sorry, from a guy who owns both consoles, PS4 isn't even close to great of a console as X1. Sony may not need to catch up on sales, but on features the PS4 hasn't even matched the 360 yet. Luckily I only play PS4 exclusives on my PS4, and Bloodborne is awesome. It is a bummer though that after 2 years and that is only cool thing about PS4. Glad I had a ton of used games to pay for mine and I didn't drop $400 cash.

DLConspiracy1246d ago

Regardless of who does BC. It is a feature people have wanted since consoles had several versions. Why wouldn't anyone want to play games they still play on a single console?

Malacath1246d ago

First of all BC isnt out until november that why there are not a lot of games yet. Only preview members get it at the moment.

When november comes there will be plenty for Sony to compete with. With new BC games added regularly plus games with gold giving xbox one members free 360 games as well as x1 games every month. PS Now just cant compete with that even if it gets a subscription service.

Retroman1246d ago

not replying to u enemy

ok guys xbox360 and xboxone been circulating for awhile now. lets use their abriviation names here on. no need type playstation 4 when we type ps4 right .

360 and X1 or Theone

Maddens Raiders1246d ago

Glad I bought a PS4 so that I could play PS3, PS2 and PS1 games. I guess by this logic, MS has already won this generation by allowing gamers the ability to play old games on their new system? Who knew? Brilliant!

That of course is all sarcasm.

Hey look, I think the idea of BC is great. It was wonderful when it was on the original PS3 phats back in '06, but it wasn't something that sold me on buying a PS3. Does that make sense? In other words I think it's a great feature and one that is another welcome option for the X1, but to think that SNE has to actively "compete" against this small yet fun feature in order to remain viable in this race overall is short sighted, wishful thinking , and fool hearty at best.

stevej3361246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

The entire point of backward compatibility is to get people to upgrade to the xbox one. What kind of ridiculous statement is "bc isn't selling any consoles and it's barely impressive"? Nothing good can happen to the xbox according to 3/4 of the people on this site. Much better to pay to rent your last gen games I guess.

Hold_It1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

@enemy is it too hard to not be partial? Backwards compatibility sold me on one, and they also sold me on one by having better exclusives for the end of the year.

At the end of the day Xbox's games are games. They aren't trying to be $60 movies with little to no gameplay, and unfortunately that's the path that PS exclusives are going down.

Yeah Playstation had a decent launch library, but at the moment besides Bloodborne which I already own, there aren't really any OMG I have to buy this console because of these games. Infamous was alright, but it has no replay value, Killzone was fun but also has no replay value on Single Player.

Playstation is charging more for their service to "match" Xbox live, but don't have any improvements to server quality at all. They are constantly down for maintenance, which people on here will blindly defend that, but sign-in issues and PS's twitter will confirm this is true. The point is Playstation has become too arrogant since they have taken the "lead".

I don't care for games like Uncharted and The Last Of Us. When I spend $60 I want to play a GAME, and I want it to feel like a GAME. Not a smorgasbord of cinematics. Metal Gear Solid is fine with this because they keep the game interesting, and balance the gameplay out with the cinematics.

Lately it seems like all console gamers want is Multiplayer and omg graphics graphics graphics instead of substance and a lengthy but solid single player experience. The former is a pattern i'm starting to see with Playstation.

princejb1341246d ago

You really think backward compatible ended the make believe war?
360 in my opinions didn't have much variety to play.all i saw was forza, gears, cod, halo.

Hozi1246d ago

People saying that they trading PS4 to get X1 because of BC are silly. They should wait to see how it plays out first. I am all for BC, but I gotta see it working with 90% of the games from Xbox and XB360.

As for Sony...a clever way to compete with this would be to allow emulation for PS2 AND PS1 on PS4.

Professor_K1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

If sales are the only thing that make your console better, your fucked!

Xbox is the better console so far, enjoy Your "sales"

scientificreasoning1246d ago

LOL at can't make up that kind of dilusion.....PS4 keeps outselling x1, limited BC is not changing that. No one cares about playing old games on a new system this far into a gen.

Gamer Muzz1246d ago

It's tragically pitiful when people fail to see the reality of some things.(often times blinded by some type of brand loyalty that I'll never understand.)
BC is a fantastic feature and pulling it off as they have is something really cool for gamers. Calling it barely impressive is biased rhetoric.
It will sell consoles. In fact, I own a video game store and it's been the topic a lot of my customers have been talking about since the announcement.
and the question on all their lips is "When is Sony gonna do it?"
Do not underplay the impact this feature will have on gamers and the industry.
I'm not saying it'll put MS on top of Sony in worldwide sales. Thats silly, But it will definitely sell consoles and help close up the gap a bit.
And the gamers who wanted the feature will definitely appreciate it.

MysticStrummer1246d ago

I don't see any indication that Sony needs to do anything to compete with something that's been available on past consoles and has never been a "killer" feature.

"My second cousin traded in his ps4 for an xbox one last week and guess what? I'm not even joking."

Wow that's some powerful testimony. /s

Speaking of cousins, I was at a birthday party for one of mine a couple of weeks ago, well after the XB1 BC announcement. 10-15 kids, all around 12-14 years old, playing video games for hours. They had 3 TVs set up with 3 consoles, a Wii, a 360, and an XB1. The next day was my cousin's actual birthday, and being a relative and fellow gamer I went with him to spend his birthday cash. He bought a PS4. All his friends want PS4s. The kid who brought over the XB1 is the odd man out, and these are all (american) 360 fans from last generation. There's nothing wrong with being the odd man out. I was that guy last gen when my friends all bought 360s. By the end of the generation they had all switched to PS3s, now they all have PS4s, and guess what? I'm not even joking. That speaks volumes.

TheCommentator1246d ago

@Gamer Muzz

It's plauable to assume that people who never played on Xbox before would appreciate all the great games that were made in the past. Kids getting started in gaming today could play a whole series they enjoy instead of just the new stuff. Gamers who just never gamed on Xbox could play all the exclusives they've missed or relive past experiences on great 3rd party. Even 360 owners can benefit by selling their system while keeping their games and save data, saving them money. These scenarios, these benefits, should be obvious to anybody who thinks about it for 5 minutes.

Sony doesn't have a solution to BC, not one that can let you play games you own for free, and that solution may never come. That's what this article is about, and it will be a deal breaker for the people who don't count pixels.

Oh, I know competition isn't always about sales, but...
It doesn't really matter how great an improvement comes from BC being added to XB1, because each and every improvement sums up. So it's things like BC, better games lineup, Cloud powered games, Win10, DX12, dashboard overhaul, etc., that will all contribute to overall sales in their own ways.

Kayant1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

Just wanted to laugh at StrayaKNT comment but ....


"BC probably isn't as hard as Microsoft makes it out to be." - Right which is why all Xbox games had BC on Xbox 360, why there is emulator for all consoles on PC, emulator for all PS2 games on PS3 even with PS2 CPU with the console in the earlier revision... oh wait.

"The true genius of Xbox One BC is the Xbox One OS. It was designed to do this from day one. It's a hypervisor already running two OSs. It's not that big of a deal to run a third. Computers can run bunches of VMs at the same time." - "Right which is why it's only coming now and I quote - There are, but we’re not done thinking them through yet, unfortunately. It turns out to be hard to emulate the PowerPC stuff on the X86 stuff. So there’s nothing to announce, but I would love to see it myself." - Frank Savage(Partner development lead) as in helped with the OS and creation of XB1's architecture. Also -"Millions of people made investments in 360 content," he said. "We thought the right thing to do was to make that content go forward, but we didn't know [how difficult it would be]."

"[Emulation] is hard," admitted Spencer, explaining that the company was dealing with having to harmonise PowerPC architecture with x86" - Phil Spencer

"They will eventually run an Original Xbox OS and a OS for pc games too. They could run one for PlayStation games if they wanted and I bet somewhere in Microsoft there is an Xbox running PlayStation games someone threw together on their own time.

Over time this feature will make a difference. Along with the cloud. It ain't over yet." - The delusion is real...

JasonKCK1246d ago

"Xbox's backward compatibility isn't selling any consoles"

It sold one because of BC right here, so there goes that theory.

Pogmathoin1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

Still at this? Sony fans are not interested in BC.... They have all said it since X1 BC announcement..... This article is scraping the gutter.... Charge less for something you own is a good thing.... Yeah right.....

Edit, love some of the comments here.... Tagged as well said too.... When otherwise its outright trolling.... Good consistency here as usual...

_-EDMIX-_1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

Whats funny with the disagrees, is I a degree.

it will sell someone, not all, not most. Why? People buy next gen to play next gen. Wii U storta shows that even last gens best selling console being put in Wii U...didn't just make it number 1.

Lack of 3rd party, lack of great games etc. Thus...BC is not a major selling point. 3rd party support and great first party support is, period.

I mean....those gamers can copy and paste this post when XONE wins the whole gen because of a last gen featured on it.

Agreed with Mystic too.

Personal experiences has no real baring on if it can sell to the masses on that note alone.

Wii sold better both PS3 and 360 last gen, why isn't Wii U selling better then both if you factor that it has a Wii in it?

I mean dat logic doe, lol.

So the worst selling last gen, put in XONE in a limited form will make XONE the best selling? LMFAO!

Really now people...

If the best selling last gen, couldn't make the Wii U the best selling this gen, I'm not sure what strange magic would make that apply to XONE, fanboys these days.

Pogmathoin1246d ago

What are the lifetime sales of PS3 and 360?

gangsta_red1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

"Wii U storta shows that even last gens best selling console being put in Wii U...didn't just make it number 1."

Because the Wii was a fad, a console that was aimed at a casual market with a focus on motion controls that was hot for a quick second. The Move and Kinect should tell you that.

Are you really trying to say that the Wii's library is more interesting and has more hits than the 360's back catalog?

The WiiU not selling well has nothing to do with the feature of BC with the Wii. You keep trying to hammer this point but it's absolutely wrong. For the life of all that walks and crawls I have no idea why you keep trying to compare WiiU and X1's BC.

"Wii sold better both PS3 and 360 last gen, why isn't Wii U selling better then both if you factor that it has a Wii in it?

I mean dat logic doe, lol."

Because the WiiU doesn't have third party support, hardly any appeal to hardcore gamers and lost all support from casual gamers. Has absolutely nothing to do with BC for the 100th time.

BC is a great addition to the Xbox One. The minute people start viewing this as a great addition to an already great line up of games and stop trying to pretend and argue that BC is some system seller the better we can all move on and enjoy the console.

Saijahn1246d ago

Barely impressive? Troll much? The list of bc games will continue to grow over the years while the competition will still be charging you to play your old games.

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Rookie_Monster1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Sony invested tons of money in Gaikai and also bought out Onlive so there is no way Sony would do something like giving PS4 gamers that owned PS3 games to stream them for free. Think about it, you have to even be a subscription member to PSN plus to get an anemic 1gb of Cloud saves, that in itself say how unlikely the scenario of PSN plus subscribers on PS4 getting to stream PS3 games they owned for free will happen Anytime soon.

But hey, if Sony somehow find a solution to do it, then I am 100% for it as I still have a dozen of PS3 games that I definitely don't mind playing again and are just sitting there in my drawers after I'd sold off my PS3. Would definitely welcome it and would be a nice jesture on Sony's Part.

Rhythmattic1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

Sony won't be able to Emulate the cell... I believe all the PS3 games on PS Now is running on PS3 style hardware... Not emulated on X86 architecture..... That says something...

Its not that the PPC CPU's can't be emulated, its the SPU's (Combined "The Cell")

After all, Apple had PPC code Running on Intel Chips using their Rossetta code in 2006. I ran G5 PPC games on my MacIntel without a hiccup.

kneon1246d ago


It's possible the SPUs could be emulated on the GPU compute units.

But at this point it's just not worth it, BC is most valuable at launch, not two years into a new generation.

JasonKCK1246d ago

"Sony won't be able to Emulate the cell"

But they seem to know how to emulate the cell when it comes to remasters.

The "cell" excuse is simply that, an excuse.

Funny how PC modders can get it to work for nothing but mighty Sony can't.

nitus101246d ago


Emulation and remastering are totally different.

Basically software emulation is software which makes the game think it is still running on the original hardware it was designed to run on.

Remastering is modification and recompilation of the original games's software so it can now run natively on the target console. This is nomally called porting.

As and example. Take the source code of a PS3 game modify as required and recompile for the PS4 architecture or any other architecture for that matter and hopefully do Q&A on it before releasing.

If the original software is well written using common libraries then porting can be fairly easy otherwise it can be very difficult and possibly not economically worth it.

Rhythmattic1243d ago (Edited 1243d ago )


Apple ran PPC code on intel years... YEARS before MS.... FFS, MS 360 dev kits ran orig on Apple G5 hardware..

Cell is not your run of the mill PPC architecture.
Talk to the hand.

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Bigpappy1247d ago

People try to say that the games aren't free like that is something new or negative about BC. BC means you can play your old games without having to repurchase them. If you never owned them, of course you need to purchase them. That has always been the reality.

Mrveryodd1246d ago

So true , if you don't own said games they are as cheap as chips to buy .

Azzanation1246d ago

Take to account most of last gen games are also dirt cheap and pre-owned copies are also steals. Its not like you have to spend a lot to purchase old 360/PS3 games.

triple_c1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

I agree. Sony should at least add PS1 and PS2 backwards compatibility. I understand that the PS3's architecture is a nightmare to work with but there's no reason PS1 and PS2 backwards compatibility shouldn't be added. Microsoft has done a good job on this front and they seem to be listening to their fans the most. I'm a PlayStation dude but I gotta call Sony out on this. Sony is starting to get very arrogant again now that they're in the lead. Don't get me wrong, Sony has been listening to their fans but they haven't been listening to their fans enough as of late.

Even other PlayStation fans have to admit it. Lately Microsoft has been doing a very good job and they've been listening to their fans way more than Sony has.

dboyman1246d ago

Well if Sony offered this option. Have a PS4 phat with Cell/RSX processors inside. It will be bigger ps4 unit and be more expensive but you will get 100% PS3 BC...

comebackkid98911246d ago

Agreed, forgoing PSX/PS2 BC is inexcusable.

ThanatosDMC1246d ago

Completely agree with you about PSX games.

iceman061246d ago

I wouldn't say that Sony has "started getting arrogant again...". What has happened is that MS has had to go into all out, reactionary attack mode in order to remain competitive. Some of the things that we are seeing, while they might have been part of the plan, have probably been accelerated (or at very least altered) to spur demand for more Xbox sales. Remember, the always online idea had to be scrapped and MS basically had to re-align their vision with customer expectations. (removal of Kinect, temporary price drop, permanent price drop, addition of BC, etc.)
Sony has had the run of things. They haven't HAD to react to many moves simply because the moves by the competition haven't shown (yet) that they are moving the needle in any significant way. So, they have pretty much stuck to their initial roll out plan. (for better or worse)
That being said, neither company (even this gen) has shown that they aren't capable of adapting to consumer demand. With competition getting heavier, I don't think that either one will simply be resting on it's collective laurels. Therefore, I don't think that it's truly a matter of "not listening to fans enough" as much as it is trying to figure out how to integrate what we want and balance that with the things that they already have planned.

Kombatologist1246d ago

"Sony has been listening to their fans but they haven't been listening to their fans enough as of late."

No kidding. I'm still waiting for an option to disable the annoying Discover popup.

_-EDMIX-_1246d ago

While we are at it, Nintendo should add NES, SNES and N64 BC to all their systems.

I mean...can we at least try to be logical with how and why as suppose to just begging for free features.

Its is profitable for them, is it a feature that is really that demanding, is it even worth all the R & D?

That is like saying Nintendo hasn't been listening enough, the 3DS isn't a Gamecube yet...

Or Wii U doesn't play N64 games..they clearly are not listening.

At some point we need to come to reality with what the feature is.

The system with zero BC is outselling the 2 systems with BC....

You sure gamers want more old then new? You sure what sells next gen systems is old gen systems?

I mean..logically really look at what your saying.

nitus101246d ago

The PS3's architecture is only a nightmare to work with if you are writing software that "goes down to the metal" although the same could be said for any architecture.

If you look at the start of many games you may see "Powered by Havoc" or "Blink" as examples. These are game development systems and libraries (API's for those in Microsoft land) that make game development easier.

To remaster or port a game it needs to be modified if necessary and recompiled for the target architecture. if you have only been using generic development tools then the process is usually so much easier. Of course the developer still has to do Q&A (well we hope they do) before releasing the now ported game.

In the software industry and I am not just talking about games a developer has to look at the costs associated with porting. Basically it is possible to port all software to any architecture it all boils down to the developer's expertise and will to do so and the costs involved.

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Foehammer1247d ago

Well said, those are all valid points.

There is another issue as well.

Based on the shear number of ppl on the Crackdown destruction demo, that stated they don't want to be hooked up to the internet or that a lot of areas have poor internet, one can only conclude that this would not be acceptable even if it was free.

Aenea1246d ago

What I do see as a possibility though is Sony adding an option that you can insert a PS3 game into the PS4 so they know you own it and then you can stream that game for free using PS Now without a subscription.

Yes, it will cost money to stream them, but let's face it, I think after a while not many people will be using this feature all that much or at all and it would be a nice PR stunt...

(might also get people to use PS Now who didn't want to before and even lure them in to rent games they don't own or go for a sub)

extermin8or1246d ago

So someone explain why the original ps3 sold sobadly they dropped backwards compatibility. And to those that say it's impressive but that "sony couldn't do it" tbh they almost certainly could but as it used the Cell processor which was more complex than 360's internal parts- any emulation is also much much more demanding and harder todo therefore so no the xbox one b/c isn't as impressive as it could have been. And no backwards compatibility.

Death1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

The PS3 didn't sell poorly because it had b/c. It sold poorly at launch because it was over-priced and under-performed the competition. The Blu-ray drive is what made the PS3 so expensive, but Sony needed Blu-ray to succeed over HD-DVD so it had to stay, not to mention a format change after launch is unheard of and would be a very bad thing to do. Ditching the PS2 hardware lowered costs so they could lower the price more. Instead of saying this Sony told gamers they removed it because no one wanted it. Same excuse was used for dropping the 20 gig PS3 that lost Sony more money at the time to sell than the 60 gig. They stopped production and quit shipping them to retail. Then they said they were pulling the SKU due to lack of sales.

extermin8or1245d ago

That's my point b/c didn't make it sell... People would rather pay less than have it so... It can't be that desired