Game Informer | 'Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain' Review


Metal Gear is a member of video gaming’s old guard. It has been consistently popular since its inception in the ‘80s, which is a rare distinction it shares with revered names like Mario and Zelda. Unlike its peers, Metal Gear has been telling a continuous story the whole time – a major strength and a strange weakness all at once. Invested fans adore the series for its narrative just as much as its tactical espionage action, but the sprawling story makes it intimidating for newcomers. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is different; it puts the saga of Big Boss and his sons in the background, emphasizing dynamic gameplay and a player-directed approach to progression.

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ApolloTheBoss1150d ago

Konami can suck it. In the end Kojima got the last laugh.

Masterchief_thegoat1150d ago

the legend kojima is laughing with joy left them with a bang

Rookie_Monster1150d ago

Wait, isn't Konami still getting all the money from every copy sold? So how is Kojima getting the last laugh?

1150d ago Replies(1)
1150d ago Replies(1)
bondsmx1150d ago

Yup. Feels like the devs/publisher has something to hide when they don't allow reviews until the day before, or worse, day of release. Like they want to cash in on all the people who bought into the prerelease hype, and are gonna purchase day 1 no matter what. I've been a victim of this a few times, lol and have already preordered mgs5, so seeing these do make me feel better

Germany71150d ago

We love Metal Gear, and it's not difficult to imagine how awesome Silent Hills could it be.

1150d ago