Can Captain Falcon Star In His Own Game?

It's possible without the gimmicks.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1155d ago

Yes! Capt. Falcon is also a bounty hunter and he even has a pistol. I have thought about a Capt. Falcon game settle in space or in a sci-fi setting where you are mercenary and also participate in F-Zero races.

3-4-51154d ago

* Captain Falcon 3D platforming Action Adventure RPG

FallenAngel19841155d ago

Captain Falcon in the F-Zero games is a stoic no-nonsense character. This contrasts greatly with his Smash Bros personality where he's a hotheaded over-the-top person. More people are familiar with the latter persona so it'd be interesting how he'd be portrayed. But still he has to be in an F-Zero game and not a brawler.

blackblades1154d ago

Yeah so can everyone else if nintendo actually put effort in to the characters and not Mario all the time just saying it's my opinion.

SteamPowered1154d ago

I could see him in an old-school beatem up like Final Fight or any of the other radical side scrollers from the 90's.

WheatBread1154d ago

I agree. He'd also be great in a 3d style beat em up like Spikeout.

Drithe1154d ago

I used to cry about the PS4 not having enough games. That has changed and Sony is delivering the goods with great games now and for the foreseeable future. Nintendo seems to be hurting the limited amount of games coming out for the WiiU, and to make matters worse, they are bringing in a new console to take the WiiU's place.

Rocky times for Nintendo. I am having so much fun playing all the old games from the retro console online thingy. Why dont they bring out the Dragon Quest games for the Wiiu!!!

Stringerbell1154d ago

Thoughts on Captain Falcon though?

Drithe1154d ago

What good would it do? If they do make a game it wont come out until the next gen system. yah? Nay. :(

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The story is too old to be commented.