Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Review - IGN

IGN reviews Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

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velocitygamer1487d ago

And it goes out with a bang.

RpgSama1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

So, I guess it's good?, hahahaha.

Kojima went out of Konami with a mic drop! AWESOME!!.

Enemy1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

The review doesn't really make sense. They seem to criticize the story and still give it a 10. Hype creates yet another weird review, I guess.

@ Below: Yeah, the same happened with MGS4, though that game was actually a 10 for me. Maybe this will be too. I'll buy it used, since I'm not giving Konami any money. They already paid Kojima, thankfully. They won't get a penny from me ever again.

1487d ago
mikeslemonade1487d ago

meh.. I will get it but Bloodborne still the true game of the year.

DLConspiracy1487d ago


"10/10 doesn't mean a perfect game with no flaws or weak points, read the ign score scale."

I don't know how IGN does their scoring but a 10/10 technically is a perfect score anywhere. Otherwise it would be a 9.5/10. So it is a little conflicting. Even if I am excited for the game.

XBLSkull1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Lol 10/10. I don't doubt that the game is great but really?

"cut scenes were sparse and brief"

Hell yes, I knew this was going to be the best game of the series. Real excited to play now.

Kleptic1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

I'm a huge MGS fan, and even with that said...

the EXACT same problems popped up with MGS4 back in scored perfectly, yet has what the reviewer calls problems...MGS4 being too many cut scenes iirc..

in either case, it just overall shows that scores given to games are pointless...the score attempts to give objectivity to a subjective opinion that is impossible to justify regardless of what the reviewer or website tries to say...

they love to say its 'perfect' in a numerical sense, but then say 'nothing is perfect, and it depends what else is available at the time of release' in writing...undermining all of the critical credibility of the entire thing...Its the main flaw of gaming as entertainment, and the media platforms associated with the industry...People love to say a 'great game is a great game' regardless of visuals, regardless of technical prowess, and that its all art, gameplay, and everyone being happy...but...then cop out with how everything above does matter for the numbers, because they still salivate about the visuals, salivate about the technical prowess, and flip out about how technically advanced every 'new' game is...

in the end...they can't have it both ways...and their system remains a bad joke a decade later...

but, whatever...I'm glad its 'perfect'. MGS4 remains one of the single greatest single player games i've ever experience...Even with IGN declaring MGS4 as a 'masterpiece', which by definition CAN NOT be improved on given the context of a single artist...Kojima having made a second masterpiece...i guess its an outlier, and not worth worrying about...

Muerte24941486d ago

Adam Boyes is killing it over there for Sony in securing high-profiled AAA games. Watchdogs, Destiny, Batman Arkham Knight, and now Metal Gear V. EU and JPN are getting the red PS4 bundles. This games will sell regardless of which platform is on. I'm sure it will become and standard for benchmarking GFX cards on PC. As for consoles this will definitely move the needle in Sony favor again running at a native 1080p. Can't wait for this game guys. I'll also be on MGO when it's released a month later.

bouzebbal1486d ago

Bloodborne and now MGS5, 2015 has been one hell of a ride!

Septic1486d ago

Solid (hehe) review. I'm a bit disappointed about what I'm hearing about the story mind you. The thing about MGS games is the story that really lingers on in my head once I complete them.

Anyway, Ill make up my own mind about it but I can't wait!

Maddens Raiders1486d ago


Just go home m8. No one wants to listen to your constant stealth troll drivel and your want-to-sound-intelligent-and- seem-objective-whilst-all-the-w hile-providing-quasi-truthful-y et-slanted opinions of your gf the MS corporation and her products. Just go, hurry and run along now, it's almost bed time and the acts up.

OT -

Day one of course. Review or no damn review.

RedDevils1486d ago

This will be the last good MGS that worth playing. From here on the next MGS will be downward since Kojima will no longer there

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fermcr1487d ago

Hummm... this game is getting average scores. /s

sactownlawyer9161487d ago

I wonder which site will be the first to troll and give it a 6.

Vanfernal1487d ago


Probably someone like Jim Sterling

ZombieKiller1486d ago

@fermcr: Actually this is kinda average for a MGS games score. These games are a cut above the rest even with flaws.

... And XBLSkull do you ever get ANY agrees? Maybe you're commenting on the wrong site....

Grap1487d ago

Defnitlay the game is great but i don't know about ign they are MGS fanboys. So maybe they are a little bias, anyway i don't care the game is good and day one for sure.

boodi1487d ago

gamespot' another fanboys?..
and more 10/10 to come .. i guess the game will get very high scores all across the globe..

OB1Biker1486d ago

Scores are ridiculous these days. I usually find GI reviews more spot on IMO. Definitely a great game though and one to remain in my HD for a long long time.

KurtRussell1486d ago

CoD's and MGS' get 9,10 but Alien isolation gets 6. Ofc they are fanboys and biased. But MGSV deserves atleast 8, probably even 9 from what i've seen in Ground Zeroes and trailers (10 is a bit overkill imo since i would rate that high few games, if any at all). Anyway, IGN and Gaymspot are the last sources i would look for an opinion on anything.

StrawberryDiesel4201487d ago

It's gonna be even better than MGS4! First Gears of War Remaster on XBone then MGS5 on PS4 a few days later. I shall be busy over the next few weeks.

Scottyxboxoneandps41487d ago

Agreed. It's awesome being a multi-console gamer. This game is gonna be great fun!!!

Haru1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Too bad to hear that the story isnt so great, but i expected so much

Name Last Name1487d ago

After reading a few reviews it seems that gameplay is heavily favored over story. A lot of the story is hidden away in audio logs just like in Ground Zeroes. A pity, since the story is my favorite part of MGS.

Bathyj1486d ago

Gameplay was always my favourite part, and Im glad Metal Gear has finally evolved with modern controls and camera. Ground Zero was great, despite all the whining about its length. Funny how much complaining there was about this "demo" yet I've played over 30 hours on it, more than many full retail games I enjoyed.

CaptainObvious8781486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Thank you to all the casuals, like xblskull, that have no love for the MGS universe and complained there were too many amazing cut scenes that actually showed character depth and exposition.

You could have just used the skip button, but no, because of your dude bro attitude that was too much for you and now I'm left with a game that seems to have next to know narrative.

And now the real fans of the franchise have to suffer.

scark921486d ago

Yeah, I would love long ass cutscenes!

Dario_DC1486d ago

Agree 10000%! The cut scenes are the soul of MGS universe and the gameplay is the heart.
I'm very concearned about the " Sparse story"... I'm sick and tired of open world games that have a "sparse story"! -Just go here do this, go there do that- Here's a little bit of story, now, rinse and repeat! This is the reason why I didn't finish Farcry4, no decent story whatsoever....
Hope MGS5 story is still strong, because if it's mostly on audio files I'm gonna be mad!

Stringerbell1486d ago

Or we could blame Kojima / Konami for not having a backbone and caving in to what these 'casuals' wanted. Just a thought.

CaptainObvious8781486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

"...the fact that she’s also required to be a lust-object is disappointing."

Sigh... You just had to insert your ideology, didn't you. I wonder if you really believe that or if it's just lip service to please the corrupt gaming media.

Maybe you could explain to me why having a lust object as a plot device is so disappointing? Why is is death ok? Why is killing and exploiting and stocking up on nuclear devices ok? Hell, why is children soldiers ok.

Thrusting a gun in a 10 year olds hands and forcing him to kill to fine in a narrative is perfectly fine, but as soon as a woman shows a bit of cleavage, OH NO! We can't have that!

But on a happier note, can't wait to play this game!

OB1Biker1486d ago

The gaming media still have a long way to go I'm afraid.

generic-user-name1486d ago

How do these people survive going to a beach and seeing women in bikinis?

MoveTheGlow1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

From reading the review, I feel like this writer saw it as a cliche that was out of place. Kinda like if you saw a new cop movie that really immersed you in its unique world, only to suddenly hear from the main cop that he's one day away from retirement, and hear the villain say "We're not so different, you and I," word for word. It's like "oh great, here we go again with the compulsory butt shot" or whatever.

That said, MGS is a franchise featuring heavy cliches, often from movies that were made within its timeline. This isn't out of place in an 80s espionage thriller in the least, and I don't think it's out of place here. In Snake Eater, there was Eva, and she was completely thematic because it was a Bond flick-influenced game.

Particularly miffed writers will say that it doesn't matter - the theme should have been different, or it should have been altered or subverted so women are treated equally (heck, he's saying Quiet is the best character, so is that a subversion anyway?). I don't really see this as a problem in MGS - there's precedent in the past games. Then again, I'm a dude who's played games for 30 years, so my perspective doesn't apply to everyone. YMMV, basically, but this game looks GOOD.

1486d ago
Magicite1486d ago

Konami has lost their BEST asset, Kojima.

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Jalva1487d ago

IGN only gives perfect scores based on franchise reputation and hype, you of all people should know that Niko.

ginsunuva1486d ago

Um... do you know what they gave MGS4?

Snookies121487d ago

Yesss, I can't freaking wait!! Now to go distract myself for a little over a week...

Jaqen_Hghar1486d ago

but Until Dawn is just a day away! A man is waiting till BF for this.

Null1486d ago

I just love how you're so committed to this character.

Jaqen_Hghar1486d ago

first rule of being a man. Do NOT break character.

Der_Kommandant1486d ago

I asked for vacations just for this.

PaleMoonDeath1486d ago

Planning a "Severe stomache bug" for next week ;)

JMaine5181487d ago

Wow! I didn't know the review embargo was up yet! This is great news!