What Nintendo Should Consider this Next Generation

Every day we are closer to the release of the Nintendo NX, and while there isn’t any confirmed news about it, they are many hints suggesting that it will be a console, the next generation console from Nintendo.

There is no doubt that Nintendo aims to do something innovative with the NX, still innovation isn’t the only factor for a console’s success: a wrong step and they will hit misfortune.

In this article we will be talking about a few things we think that Nintendo should consider in this new generation.

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AtomHeart6231204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

I'm not saying try to copy everything Sony and Microsoft are doing but I think some type of achievement/trophy system is a must. They could even assign achievement/triophies to the virtual console games which I think would be awesome. I also think graphically they have to at least compete with the big two. I really think this is their last chance at catching up and I hope they make the most of it.

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Nerdmaster1203d ago

Although I think achievements/trophies are a waste of time and I completely ignore them, I agree that a lot of people are addicted to them and Nintendo should have an achievements system to attract gamers who are into this stuff.

N4g_null1203d ago

Account system and bring down the barriers of handheld and console gaming along with region locking. Tech wise they better put full USB type c support in it so we can decide on our own how power our console can be by buying our own 4k ready gpu! If you don't know about pascal and thunderbolt 3 then you should get looking.

Also make the game pad it's own thing.let us use 4 of them... local splatoon fest unlocked! If the patent is to be believed there will be a cpu in the next gamepad.

Also make it an extension of what you currently have. Make your games playable on all platforms you put out but just offer content packs for visually better games like pc.

Then release tons of games!

superchiller1203d ago

You do realize that none of that will ever happen? Come on, this is Nintendo we're talking about, they never release cutting edge hardware. They usually design subpar hardware, then toss in a gimmick to reel people in. That's probably what will happen with the NX.

ShaunCameron1203d ago

@ superchiller

Not according to their track record pre-Wii. Nintendo's hardware was always adequate, and on some occasions more powerful than the competition's of the day. What undermined the N64 and the GameCube's sales and support potential was Nintendo's questionable choice of media format and hardware design decisions which restricted whatever developers wanted to do.

You're right on one thing. This is Nintendo we're talking about. Their hardware was never exactly known for being 3rd-party developer-friendly.

N4g_null1203d ago

The mode 7 chip and the 64dd... sort of proves you wrong. The patents show some of what I'm suggesting also. The fact that nintendo let's us use our own external hhd could very well be done with gpus. This also shakes hands with your idea that they only do adequate. My above solution would support low end cheap hardware and high titanx.

pcz1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

1- nintendo need to listen to gamers, give us what we want instead of instalments to franchises nobody in the world cares about. give us f zero, not wario ware. metroid, not mario party.

2- the console needs to be cutting edge in order to play the technically taxing games of today

3- the console needs strong 3rd party support in order to give the console a wide variety of games. nintendo cant rely on its 1st and 2nd party support to create a satisfactory library of games, the wiiu proved this.

4- nintendo are scaring the hell out of me with the recent news the NX will have no disc drive. the console needs a physical medium... it doesnt matter if it is a memory card type thing or a cart, but it must be physical!

5- no more gimmicks! the console must be pure, traditional gaming!

MrBrofist1203d ago

Metroid and F-Zero are their least profitable franchises,hence why they don't make as many games.

superchiller1203d ago

While I agree with your ideas, let's be realistic. Nintendo hasn't been known for high end gaming hardware for many years now, that simply isn't going to change anytime soon. They prefer to keep their costs to a bare minimum when it comes to hardware, to keep their profits high. And since the NX is supposed based on a "new concept" (Nintendo's words), it will probably be based on a gimmick, just like the previous two consoles before it.

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Masterchief_thegoat1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

All I want is a new metroid prime, donkey kong open world, zelda & mario baseball

KryptoniteTail1203d ago

It isn't rocket science. Do everything the competition does but better and innovate. Literally the easiest thing on earth. It isn't complicated even though some know-it-all will argue with me and call my business experience into question. It's common sense lol.

AtomHeart6231203d ago

If every company could do "everything" the competition does then there would be way more console manufacturers in business. I mean world peace would put and end to war lol yeah the solution seems simple but it's not.

KryptoniteTail1203d ago

You're not citing a single reason why Nintendo cannot do what Sony and Microsoft are doing. Are they too poor to have respectable graphics in their system? Too stupid to realize we don't want our digital games tied to our system? Too stubborn to adapt and have modern features like voice chat?

You're an enabler. Nintendo sucks because they're great and can afford to suck because they're still. good even when they do and you people defend their cheap, lazy, stubborn, stupid ways.

Give me the power to bark orders and throw money around and I'd storm the scene partnering with Sega for a Dreamcast 2. It'd be weaker than the competition in every way and cost nearly as much with half the features. Oh wait, I'm not Nintendo so I couldn't get away with that lol. Guess I'd have to be f****** competent. Damn.

AtomHeart6231203d ago

I'm not defending Nintendo at all. I don't know how anyone with a brain could even deduce that from what I said. My point is if they can compete why haven't they? Sales have been poor for the wii u to the point their already moving on from it.

ScorpiusX1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

@Kryptonite Tail "It's common sense" Not everyone has it

KryptoniteTail1203d ago

That's for sure, whether you're referring to me or not
It's obvious by looking at how things do critically and commercially. We have a history to look at. Why are companies making dumb decisions?

People never learn. Square had a critical and commercial success in Chrono and won't make it work for another (it won't be easy, I get that), instead telling us if we want a new game to "buy more" (this is what a sequel truly hinges upon, not difficulty in making it happen but greed; they want more success from a commercial success than it already gave 20 years ago and won't even do a remaster). What a joke. And we have Capcom abandoning Mega Man until Inafune did Mighty No 9, now they feel like regurgitating a piss poor collection to gauge interest.

Monkeys run companies. They get their degrees and their stupid monkey friends and family pull strings and they get jobs they don't deserve.

Ck1x1203d ago

What you fail to understand is that life moves on and people do to. The primary reason that Square hasn't revisited games like Chrono Trigger is because most of the talent behind Square's prime years have been long gone. Capcom is ni different, the talent that brought success to their IP's aren't there anymore. I'm sure movie studios would release major blockbusters every year if they could, but things don't work that way and life happens.

wonderfulmonkeyman1203d ago

#1 Improve overseas marketing.

#2 Offer complete native BC with Wii U.

#3 Offer two controllers per console bundle without including them in the price tag: One a traditional controller, the other a slimmer, lighter, even more comfortably-shaped game pad.

#4 Offer at least two AAA first party games at launch. Preferably not games like Nintendo Land.

#5 Get proper contracts for new games, both multiplats and exclusives, from third parties, instead of old ports we've already played on other consoles and PC.
No one's gonna get an NX for a late port of Black Ops 3 and The Witcher 3.
Ensure new stuff only.

# 6 Better account system and start embracing in-game chat.

#7 Don't become a crowd follower that chases graphics and realism 70% of the time; continue thinking up new ideas like Splatoon.

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