Metal Gear Solid: How Hideo Kojima turned staying hidden into an art-form [Pixel Dynamo]

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is nearly here, so Sam from Pixel Dynamo took a look back at the series and how its creator Hideo Kojima turned pacifism and stealth into an art-form.

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Lord_Sloth1155d ago

Next Tuesday...1 last ride.

colemansa1155d ago

It looks that way... Let's hope it carries on in some form!

Snookies121155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

Anything Konami will inevitably do with Metal Gear after Kojima's departure, I'm staying away from. This is the final Metal Gear from the creator, I sure as hell won't be playing any future titles without him being a part of it. I can only hope Konami doesn't start doing 'yearly' Metal Gear titles...

This is the sendoff the series deserves, I'd hate to see it being dragged through the dirt with constant new entries now that Kojima is not there.

KryptoniteTail1155d ago

Too bad staying hidden has been less important lately.