(A)head in the clouds

Steve C. discusses Microsoft's use of cloud computing.
He writes: 'During the Microsoft press conference at Gamescom, we were shown the first gameplay from Crackdown 3. The most impressive section of this footage was the destruction that is possible in the game’s multiplayer. Crackdown uses the ‘power of the cloud’ to compute the physics required for this level of destruction.'

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FlexLuger1154d ago

"Microsoft needs to encourage their studios to utilise the cloud and to come up with more innovative ways of using the service. Halo 5: Guardians is set to use the cloud in a similar way to Titanfall, but the extra processing power can be used for anything that the CPU would be doing."

I agree. I would like to see it used in FH3 for scenery/object physics (tables, lamposts, signposts store fronts etc.) and in a future version of halo's new warzone, we could see it being implimented for BF style destruction. I dont think it would suit halos other modes but it would be interesting on the larger warzone maps with vehicles. I like the idea of tearing through a building wraith a wraith or a scorpion tank. S spartan laser could shoot right through a building..imagine 'sawing it in half with a few trailing spartan laser shots?

Who knows?..Im looking forward to where it all goes though.

Masterchief_thegoat1154d ago

future is looking good for us xbox fans..

Lennoxb631154d ago

How awesome would a full metal alchemist game be running on the cloud? That entire anime is based on physics.

Spotie1154d ago

What show were you watching?

Lennoxb631154d ago

Full Metal Alchemist. "Alchemy," being a science fiction version of physics. Some of it being real.

Spotie1154d ago

Alchemy is an offshoot of chemistry, not physics. There's even -chemy in it.

You should probably watch the show again... or just do some outside research on exactly what alchemy was. What it definitely was NOT was physics.

Lennoxb631154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

Chemistry, physics, whatever. Physics still come into play with chemistry.

Edit: Let me correct myself in saying that Alchemy is real, but the acts they were doing with alchemy in the show are science fiction.

Masterchief_thegoat1154d ago

if third party take full control of the cloud, oo boy things will get more excited.

PistolsAtDawn1154d ago

I was thinking it'd be sweet if they did a Star Wars Galxies 2, but used cloud compute to track space battles overhead in real time that can be seemlessly joined.

It'd be sweet walking around a planet at night and looking up and watching space battles...and sometimes ships crashing down to the planet.

poppinslops1154d ago

That sounds amazing... 'unfortunately', The Old Republic is still going strong, which means it's unlikely we'll see another Star Wars MMO - let-alone one that's exclusive to xbox - anytime soon.

That said, Rare and Undead Labs are both working on MMO type games... Sea of Thieves might use cloud-processing for it's ocean and weather simulation, whereas 'Class 4' could do a bigger, hungrier version of Assassin's Creed: Unity's npc crowds.

I think we'll eventually see games that employ multiple cloud-based systems... can you imagine an MMO with realistic destruction, 'shootatar' AI, persistent object tracking and crazy weather simulation all at once?

Not so long ago, such an idea would have been little-more than fantasy... now that 'the cloud's the limit', it doesn't seem so far-fetched.

Kingoftherodeo1154d ago

haven't heard "zhee cloud" joke since they showed this