More Wheelies, Less Crashing - How Motorcycles Work In 'Burnout Paradise'

Stephen Totilo writes:

"At an Electronic Arts event in New York yesterday I got my first chance to ride a motorcycle in "Burnout Paradise." What I sampled is the hit racing game's second major free update, formerly called Davis, but now called Burnout Bikes. It's slated for release in the next couple of months.

But how in the world do motorcycles work in the T-rated crash-heavy realm of "Burnout"?"

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Nuclearfish4319d ago

Certainly sounds interesting, I can't wait to race around Paradise on a bike... :)

Just to point out the bottom of the article though:

"They hope we’ll be happy with free motorcycles"

Not sure if that is accurate because Criterion have always previously stated that the bikes would be payed-for content, and the day/night cycle and atmospherics would be free.