Microsoft Still Hiring for Peter Jackson's Halo

Creative director listing reveals details for non-Bungie Halo project.

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Poor Xbots4328d ago

Poor Xbots

Poor Xbots, when this and the other BUNGIE games release, it will be the biggest flops in gaming history.

Poor Xbots

t-0_ot-4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

Jus like your precious MGS4, which, as well all know, made it to the bargain bin. Damn, If I knew it was gonna go to the bargain bin I would have held off on buyin it so soon. I guess I'll hold off on the next big games for the PS3 to see if they hit the bargain bin, as well.

Seriously, bro, grow up. You can hate on Halo all you want, that is fine with me, but you can't deny Halo's success.

sushipoop4328d ago

Peter Jackson making a game? Lets hope it doesn't flop like his stupid King Kong game.

Shadow Man4328d ago

King Kong the game was awesome!
Halo: Chronicles will be the next big thing.

P4KY B4328d ago

King Kong was a good game.

I liked the lack of ammo and the need to use spears.
The atmosphere was great, you always felt like you were in hostile jungle and that death was around every corner.
And the animation of Kong and the V-rex's was incredible.

PwnShop4328d ago

I like halo, but they're over doing it

Solid_Snake6664328d ago

i can see a movie but lego halo

The Mikester4328d ago

I agree with both you guys

Harry1904328d ago

Really,look at how ironic it is. Just when the PS3 is hitting its stride and apparently delivering the games on time, the 360 seems now to be suffering from multiple delays.

Off the top of my head I can think of Huxley and Alan Wake and Fable 2 and Halo Wars and Too Human and there must be some others. Ah well,better push the game's date than have a rushed project.

Also,the term 'delay' might not be totally accurate since some of those game have no concrete release dates.

Superfragilistic4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

Too Human releases on August 19, Fable 2 October 2008, Halo Wars Q1 2009.

So you're left with Alan Wake and Huxley. Both third party titles.

I agree about the delays, and I to hope that that ensures a higher quality lineup in 2009 and beyond, but please don't try and pretend that the PS3's doesn't suffer from such delays (Kilzone 2, Home, etc), or the lack of release dates.

It's a part of the business, and in my opinion a largely refreshing one where titles on both platforms are now being held back, due largely to this gens increased competition, to primarily prioritise quality over an earlier release date.

That means all gamers are better off in the long run... except of course for those sad enough to attach meaning in their lives to one particular branded piece of metal and plastic, over another. ;)

iceice1234328d ago

Is the PS3 in stride than they really are in some serious trouble this gen. Anyway, like what was said above me you're only correct about Huxley and Alan Wake. But we have a healthy enough lineup as it is. Also why did you even bring any of that up here? Stop trolling the Gamer Zone, Harry.

Skadoosh4328d ago

The next Getaway says hi.

user8586214328d ago

employ some bots maybe theyd s*ck ur c*ock whilst u try 2 make the game

t-0_ot-4328d ago

Actually, I believe you should sign up for those job postings. I'm sure if you suck lots of c*ck, you could "try" to convince them to make a Halo game for the PS3.

Even though that won't happen, I'm sure you wouldn't mind suckin some c*ck, jus for the hell of it..

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