Never Satisfied: Nick Channon on FIFA 16

MATT chats with FIFA 16 senior producer NICK CHANNON about this year's iteration of the popular football franchise.

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Movieworld1202d ago

Hopefully this will put an end to the weak cowardly tactic of picking Real Madrid and just running with Ronaldo and Bale like a mindless unimaginative robot, lol

ThePope1202d ago

The biggest thing it sounds like EA did to counter the Real Madrid game (or fast offensive play in general) is make the defenseman much more agile. If you make a slight move in 15 you can completely blow by the player with the ball. Hell they could be holding the left trigger and you tap B and all of a sudden the player with the ball is now two arm lengths in front of you and you've lost them.

carlingtat1201d ago

The only way to stop these tactics is A) Make defending better and B) stop making the game all about speed. Basically speed is king in Fifa. If you dont have speed you lose 19 times out of 20.