Grandia - Old Games With Grandpa Heath

A retrospective video about the Saturn and PlayStation RPG Grandia. Arriving right in the midst of an RPG boom, Grandia had several interesting features and moments that made it memorable. Originally released in 1997 for the Saturn and 199 for the PSOne, it became available digitally on the PS3, Vita, and PSP as part of the PSOne Classics.

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knifefight1149d ago

This game was pretty liberal with camera control too. A lot of other console RPGs that had camera rotation in 97/98 weren't letting the player do it manually, or they had pre-rendered backgrounds that didn't allow camera movement at all. Xenogears did, but it came later; Breath of Fire III came later too, and only allowed partial rotation, nowhere near a 360-degree full loop.

Grandia was a pretty impressive game in its era.

BVFTW1149d ago

She got you good this time Mr. H XD, I don't remember if you reviewed the NES version of Captain Comic by the way, I know you did the PC original, but I can't... dammit, I'm old as heck as well!

knifefight1149d ago

Never did the NES one, nope. Just PC. Some day ^_^

Bimkoblerutso1149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

...that voice acting, though.

I loved the game back in the day, but if I'm trying to get my Grandia nostalgia fix, I almost always reach for Grandia 2.

Ravenheartzero1149d ago

Fantastic RPG. Grandia 2 releasing on steam very soon too, be cool to jump back into that.

Spotie1149d ago

Always wanted to play the first one, but never did. Grandia 2 is one of my top ten all time, though.

Nerdmaster1149d ago

I liked the first one, loved the second one, but couldn't stand the third one.

Pintheshadows1149d ago

Had this on my Saturn. Remember loving it.

smeg4brainsuk1149d ago

Keep an eye on the Grandia Redux 3.0 project, the author is taking his time and can be fairly quiet on the update side of things but the demo is fantastic. If your gonna replay it, this is the version to try.