PS3 Theme Creator Firmawre 2.4 patch

trojan_blade has just released a patch for the 2.4 firmware icons for my PS3ThemeCreator App.

link to PS3ThemeCreator

link to 2.4 patch

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whateva3821d ago

this is a Theme Creator for the PS3 with a patch for the 2.4 firmware so people can make themes that work with 2.4 firmware.

Panthers3821d ago

I would like to know how to make themes period. I cant believe no one has made or uploaded a theme with Why So Serious pic (my avatar)

I have searched the net over for it and no one has it.

Fishy Fingers3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

Well take the time to read an learn how to create your own. Or alternatively, select a theme with the icons you like, then just set that "why so serious" picture as your background.

Panthers3821d ago

Ive tried it but I couldnt get it to work. It was a while ago, so Ill get it another shot sometime, but it was a pain.

InMyOpinion3821d ago

At least check the spelling before you approve it...

user8586213821d ago

i still laugh over the fact that bots pay for theirs LMAO HAHAHAHA!!!

360rxorz3821d ago

I still laugh over the fact that we have the superior service on the superior machine. Ever heard the phrase "You get what you pay for"? Anyway, I would rather pay a measly four dollars a month than be stuck with that joke of a service called PSN. Hell, I'd rather pay anything than be stuck with that joke of a system called the PS3 too.

user8586213821d ago

hahaha oyeh u guys pay for online aswell even though wii, ps3 and pc gamers get it for free lmao hahahahaha

Vitalogy3821d ago

Dude get a life, instead of coming here showing how frustrate are you with you crappy "box" and expensive services... wanker

spandexxking3821d ago

i still laugh at the fact that ms are alienating their customers with THEIR 'new xbox experience'

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Kirstenlottesovs3821d ago

Bandwidth exceeded... WTF!
can anyone upload it to rapidshare?