Star Wars: Battlefront, Black Ops III, Fallout 4 & More PC Games Available for $45

Some of the years biggest titles are available for cheap on PC.

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Travis37081155d ago

Why are console games so high? I wanna pay $45 instead of $60

ninsigma1155d ago

More people to take a cut I think I.E game stop, GAME, best buy etc. And the reason the digital versions are the same price is because they need the retailers to sell their consoles so they don't want to undercut them or the could stop stocking them. Or that could be extremely wrong and they're greedy and know everyone will pay for the hiked up price. Who knows.

Agent-861155d ago

And don't forget the royalty fees to the console makers (Sony, MS, Nintendo) regardless if the game is sold physically or digitally. That cut is around $7-8, I believe.

chrish19901155d ago

True that. I'd consider Star Wars Battlefront for PC at this price, then again, most of my mates are console players...

nowitzki20041155d ago

That's why I game on both.. I buy SP games like Mad Max, MGSV, Fallout 4 etc. For PC and buy MP games I will play with friends like Battlefront, Fifa, NBA, etc for PS4.

Agent-861155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

If you shop around at key stores, you can get them even cheaper. I preordered SW Battlefront for $35. I also got Mad Max on preorder for the incredible price of $20! I really like this site for picking up cheap keys: http://cheapdigitaldownload... They have Metal Gear Solid V on their front page for $34 and that may be my next pick up.

The reason they are cheaper is like ninsigma said: "More people to take a cut". First, you have the manufacturing costs for physical discs (the disc, the case, inserts, etc.). Then, you have the royalty fees to the console makers (Sony, MS, Nintendo). And lastly, you have the retail markup at the stores. It all adds up. However, console games do have the opportunity to be traded in and that lessens the $60 cost eventually.

ninsigma1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

I like this site called kinguin.

Not sure on how it compares with price with the site you provided because I didn't look but it's an extra option.

I only really use it for pc games but it has the console ones too. I also got windows 8.1 pro from there for about 50 euro so it's not bad at all.

Edit: In reply to your post above.
Yeah I remembered that after I posted but I wasn't bothered editing it xD

nowitzki20041155d ago

$45 is too much

I pay $30 or less.. Heres Mad Max for $23 and Fifa is $40 but if you wait until its like a week away from release Fifa too will be $30 or less.

crazysapertonight1155d ago

because on PC developers don't have to pay to platform holder

JamesBroski1155d ago

You're lucky, we now pay 80$ in Canada :/

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shadow18spirit1155d ago

I got Metal gear solid V for 28$

traumadisaster1155d ago

Where brutha, I'm buying today.

shadow18spirit1155d ago

Too late dude. The offer was in the beginning of august. Now it's about 40$ on and