Doom 4 Announced, Will Use Tech 5 Engine but Look Better than RAGE

Today John Carmack revealed at QuakeCon '08 that the "next Doom" -- which we'll call Doom 4, for now -- is in development and looking good. More inside.

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Viktor E4324d ago

Hopefully they wont have to compress the Xbox 360 version too much.

pwnsause4324d ago

but he said it will look better than rage, but who knows

sushipoop4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

If he's saying Doom 4 will look better than Rage (he didn't actually say that BTW) then yeah they'll need to compress the 360 version EVEN MORE than what they're doing with Rage, obviously. But then it really just depends on how big Doom 4 will be in comparison to Rage.

4324d ago
Real gamer 4 life4324d ago

Is doom coming out for the ps3?

kazuma4324d ago

yes, it is. pc, ps3, 360.

Real gamer 4 life4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

Thank for the answer. I remember playing doom back in the days on the n64. I am looking forward to this game, it bring back memories from my childhood.

TheColbertinator4324d ago

How about Mac?I got a blu ray equipped mac so Doom 4 could be on it,right?

CrazzyMan4324d ago

and don`t forget, that on DVD you will have to DUBLICATE textures, sound and etc. on EVERY dvd. =)

ILikeButter4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

Too bad a PS3 can not read a multi-layer BD =)
EDIT: I am talking about the 100GB BD which is 4 layers not 2.
The firmware update is not out yet, and it might not ever come out since they are only guessing that it will make existing drives compatible.
EDIT: Fine I was wrong =). To be fair I only guessed it wouldn't work.
EDIT: Ok so the PS3 maybe might be able to read a 100GB BD

mistertwoturbo4324d ago


"Hitachi, however, claims to have used a standard Blu-Ray drive optical head that's only slightly modified to allow it to read and write data across the four 25GB layers. It's believed this will only require a firmware update to make existing drives compatible."


morganfell4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

You do know that a 50GB BR disk has more than one layer, right?

And uh, Whoops! As stated above you are wrong. PS3 reads quad layer.

Also Pioneer says the PS3 will read the 400GB BR disk if interference is controlled during manufacturing. That is based on prototype disks which means as they do more research it get's easier to increase the capacity of the disk. You know, the disc that crushed the house Toshiba built along with their idiot plumbers - Microsoft.

Some sites are saying it won't be compatible and then if you look they quote the Pioneer press release where they say it will in fact work.

"Since the optical specifications of the objective lens, such as NA (Numerical Aperture)*2, are the same as those for the existing BD discs, it is possible to maintain compatibility between the new 16-layer optical disc and the BD discs."

TheIneffableBob4324d ago

Since it's id Tech 5, and id Tech 5 is designed to be easily run on various platforms, I'm guessing Doom 4 is going to be on PC, PS3, 360, Mac, and possibly Linux.

mistertwoturbo4324d ago

Yeah well I'm sure whoever is researching the firmware to make the current drives compatible with quad-layer BDs aren't really crunching right now. Seeing as how there's not really a need for it yet. But once Blu-Ray's start becoming common in people's PCs, then we'll see a bigger push.

Right now, the biggest use for BD's is just movies and games.

Pr3-M3d_G4M3R4323d ago

Its s amazing just how far this game has come. From the crappy block graphics with square blood and the same groans and ughns when you press on a wall to this gens graphics and availability...insane I tell ya!

IaMs124323d ago

Well yes it may need to be compressed but isnt RAGE an openworld game? so it has a lot more to it then you would think DooM4 may need... so they may need to compress but it may yet still be on 1 disc... we will find out sooner or later... this is one im keeping an eye out for :)

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Rob0g0rilla4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

It was pretty bad on consoles. It didn't work out. What annoyed me the most was the fact that you couldn't shoot and have your flashlight out at the same time. Online was pretty bad. I'm still puzzled as to why Doom 3 is popular.

I only played it on Xbox 1. PC version was probaly a lot better. I never played it on PC BTW.

Breakfast4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

Because every pc shooter, was touched by the hand of god.

...or so the legend goes...

Uncguy04574324d ago

Doom 3 was a really fun game in my opinion, but no, it was not special in any way.

ape0074324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

doom 3 was an awesome game

very well constructed game

each level in doom3(while has similar environment) has a special feel to them,special pacing,weapon use,ammo,enemies,each level build up with you nicely(I love that style)

while I hate game design like halo,each level has the same enemies,health is rechargeable and few veachles here and there
only few weapons,you can only have two

developer today use that new design style,because it's easier to do

mistertwoturbo4324d ago

Doom 3 was ok. The random enemies that spawned up when you walk passed a certain area was pretty annoying though.

TheIneffableBob4324d ago

Doom 3 wasn't a bad game, it just wasn't an amazing game. It played like the old Dooms, but in 3D. It's fun if you don't take it too seriously.

xionpunk4323d ago

i bought doom 3 for my pc, and it was alright. It just got boring really quick, the same with Quake 4. I will say that I liked D3 better than Q4 though.

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silverchode4324d ago

who thinks the doom movie sucked?

pwnsause4324d ago

"SEMPER FI Mother F**KER"- The rock /Facepalm

beavis4play4324d ago

i thought the movie did a good job building the suspense and a sense of dread for the first hour; but, after that the plot just sucked.

pwnsause4324d ago

the only part that was good in the movie was when they went into first person view. i though the whole movie was going to be like an FPS, but i was wrong.

ape0074324d ago

the movie was a total let down

it was a disgrace for both doom and the rock

silverchode4324d ago

i expected more graphic wise.

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ape0074324d ago



come fast

I want originality like doom


360rxorz4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

When they say "Will look better than RAGE", they only mean that for the 360. The PS3 is not capable of anything better than the RAGE engine. :)

Atomic4324d ago

the shocking news played with your mind , now your are just losing your sanity.

silverchode4324d ago

bubbles for rxorz he learned to spell.

Pain4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

After learning the XBOX 2 'IS' a last gen console they try and put down PS3 once again to there crappy level.

I'm sorry Kid aka Xbox fan is your american ignorance hampering your ability to understand that one game is being held back the other most definitely will be less on XBOx 2 also?.... theres that XBox fan IQ for yea...

PS3 versions >>>> XBox 2 old-gen Versions.

Jealousy and Denial can be bad for u go see a doctor.